So about the academics at TWC!

So about the academics at TWC!

I figured I talk to you guys about my class this semester because I had such a great experience and learned so much. It's called Government and Business in the New Economic Reality: How Washington Really Works and we learned all about the roles of the public sector. My professor did a great job of breaking down each role of the government by dividing it into the legislative, judicial and executive branches.


What kept us interested was the "How Washington REALLY Works" part, Professor Barsh was honest and appreciated our questions about the expected role of the government versus what they actually do. Another interesting aspect to the class was our ability to propose ideas to "members of congress". We were able to pick ideas we cared about and present it to class and a special guest he invited to the class. That was a fun way to feel how it was like to present to congress with limited time and lots of pressure. I decided to talk about public welfare, education, and reshoring (which is bringing manufacturing back to America).

The class forced me to think about a lot, it took away preconceived notions I had about the government and although I'm a business major, I'm glad I took the class. It fueled an interest in politics in me, and living in D.C. in general has opened up my perspective on many new things, I actually see myself living here soon after Peace Corps.


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