Season of Giving

Season of Giving

What a beautiful time of year


D.C. is beautiful and vibrant all year round it seems, however this may be my favorite time. The trees, seasonal activities, clothing, holiday spirits all shape an extraordinary city and I'm happy to be here during this time. With only a few weeks left, I'm doing my best to finish my D.C. checklist so there's lots to do in little time!


The Washington Center requires five hours of community service, and although I fulfilled mine early in the semester, I still made a personal commitment to contributing to the city in any way I can. Last weekend my friends invited me to volunteer at a veggie garden just a few blocks away from TWC. When we got there we helped a bit to beautify the crops for harvest, but with more laughing and eating the delicious fruit. It was a great experience for me because I got to try fruits that I have never had before, and to learn about ways to grow different fruits and veggies.


Volunteering in D.C. has been one of my favorite things to do because it's a very small contribution to help the community achieve a large goal. Sometimes programs can't afford to hire people, so it's a special way to give back and also engage with the community. Below are some photos from my experience.










At the beginning of the semester, during a Peace Conference held at TWC, a program called AIESEC came to talk about their internships all over the world. Although I will be joining Peace Corps in Nicaragua soon, I knew I wanted to travel to Africa for a few months before I departed. I looked into a few different opportunities and fell in love! I decided to apply, gained acceptance shortly after. I decided that since I had been to West Africa that I would head to East, and Kenya sounded like a great idea. So in a few short weeks I will be headed to Nairobi, Kenya to work in a slum teaching beautiful Kenyan children English, Health and Child Rights. If you are interested in looking into internships abroad I would suggest you guys search AIESEC, you can head to a developing country for anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years and intern in your area of expertise. Here are a few photos of Kenya to spark inspiration :).




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