Reflection Time!

Reflection Time!

I'm actually really sad to have left D.C. My experience at The Washington Center has brought me so much growth and maturity. From figuring out my passions, to learning new perspectives and meeting so many established people and eager like minds. I think that I did take advantage of all D.C. has to offer and the opportunities TWC created for us from meeting our senators to learning about new cultures, career possibilities and of course all my internship offered. I won't be able to pinpoint my favorite time here, but I will reflect on one of my favorites.


The Best Internship Ever!

Immigration and refugees were in the media a lot during our semester here, more than ever before. Had I not had the privilege of working with refugees, I probably would have looked at them the same way most people do, knowing little about them and the process of leaving their countries. I had the honor of getting to know many of these people and their families and help them with their transition. I felt their joy when they first landed, anxiety when they had to learn the bus system, their feeling of defeat when they were discriminated, feeling of worry when they couldn't afford their rent and their feeling of relief when they found a job. It's special to have been there through the entire process. My favorite part of my internship was my interaction with the children. Although we rarely ever spoke the same language, I attempted to make them feel comfortable and even had them teach me some words in their language. One can't help but get emotionally involved and invested in these clients. I want them to succeed in America and have good jobs. I didn't want them to stay comfortable in their current conditions, but to take advantage of their new education systems and career options. Although I couldn't do much, I did what I could to secure my clients with good jobs and to instill confidence that they can make it in America.

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