Official Business (Sorta)

Official Business (Sorta)

Recently, I participated in an event with the State Department because of my commitment to helping students study abroad. My job was to promote the scholarships as much as possible by speaking at my university, in my community and using social media to spread the word. Those who were able to do it the most were eligible to win a grand prize of a weekend at the Capitol all expenses paid for a professional development training during education week. Myself along with 2 other girls won the prize and the event was perfect! We were in communication with the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs at the State Department to express our career interest and they did a fantastic job at matching us with people in our field. I met with Foreign Service Officers, Civil Service Officers, representatives from African Affairs, different representatives from International Education and more. I am interested in development in Africa and entering the foreign service, so I learned a lot during my time with them.





On the first night we spent time getting to know each other and with an early start the next day, we attended an event at Open Doors where we talked about the ratio between American students studying abroad and International Students coming here. There is a new study abroad office at the state department that wants to help increase the numbers of minorities going abroad. At this event, I had a chance to network with many people including a representative from Critical Language Scholars, a scholarship I plan to apply for to learn Swahili in Tanzania. I also met a now mentor of mine, a foreign service officer who I am in contact with about career options for myself, which I am very grateful for. Something I enjoyed about the event was the ability to freely express our excitement and concerns about the scholarships that sent us abroad. The scholarship I received is called Gilman and it is open to all students, however giving preference to low income students who have interest in nontraditional locations in the world (you all should check it out and apply! Omg then you all could brag about your experiences to others and win this prize too!!)





Next Stop White House

One cool thing about living in D.C. is the opportunity to visit the White House. The process was pretty simple, you just request a time from your senator and once a background check is cleared, you're good to go! I went with my father and TWC friend and we had a great time. I was really impressed with the White House because they had a Native American exhibit, and I soon found that they celebrate different heritages each month, which was a highlight for sure. Here are some photos from my visit. Hope you all get to visit, it's pretty cool! -And no, Obama wasn't home at the time :)




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