Holiday Time

Holiday Time

As the holiday season creeps up on us (although it doesn't feel like it!) I'm reminded of my annual events in my city. I take the holidays as an opportunity to give back to inner cities, because often they are neglected year round. One year for Thanksgiving, I partnered with the city of Philadelphia and a local celebrity to distribute 400 turkeys to nearby communities. It's almost second nature for me to be at a toy drive or a turkey drive during the holidays. I've sort of eliminated the idea of self desires and put energy into giving back, and this year will be no different. I will be helping out at D.C. Soup Kitchen a few days before Thanksgiving, then heading to tour around Eastern Europe with a friend. Have you thought about the contribution you will make this holiday season? There are ample amounts of opportunities to get involved, be it via a faith based organization or charities in your town.



Senator Casey


During your time at TWC you will have the opportunity to meet with your state rep here in D.C. A few days ago, I attended Coffee and the Keystone State (PA) with my senator along with a few other TWC students. We were able to ask questions concerning our cities and inquire about plans for our city. I was very interested in learning about education for Philadelphia because it is a unique case, whereas it is run by the state because of mismanagement. I also asked about gun violence in the city and what I can do to combat the issue. Senator Casey provided great advice and I'm looking forward to taking it back to my city and implementing it.

As someone exploring the realm of politics, this was a great event to attend and it was my first time in the senate office building. This was one of my TWC highlights for sure.





Talk about perfect timing

During the beginning of my internship, I was given this book, and by far it is the best book I've ever read. "What is the What" is a reflection of one of The Lost Boys account of the Sudanese Civil war and his journey, by foot, from South Sudan to Kenya and then his unfortunate troubles in America. It captured my heart and opened up my eyes to real struggles people face. It has fueled my desire to want to become more active in the refugee arena and has given a deeper appreciation of life overall. Here's a photo, I hope you guys pick it up to read during your breaks.



Another intriguing read I just completed was another personal account of the current Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama. I learned a lot from this reading, not just about Ghana, but I now have a good grasp of how the world looked and felt in the 60's and 70's. The setting is pre-post colonial West Africa, during the dark ages, a time when Africa was neglected. Mahama shares his story and beautifully compares it to the issues Africa was facing at the time using original metaphors; how he stood up to his bullies and how Africa is facing its dictators for instance. Coups were the main focus of the narrative and how they affected his family and his career. He shows true resiliency throughout the novel, despite the coups, and we see the effects of his perseverance, determination and optimism in his presidency today, a big advocate of equality, justice and moving the country forward, another great novel you all should check out.


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