D.C. Culture

D.C. Culture

As part of our Professional Track Assignment, my friends in my track and I were to visit the Greek Embassy and we decided to see all of the embassy's along the way. I'm quite surprised that I haven't done this before, the buildings are beautiful! It was quite exciting as an aspiring Foreign Service Officer. During the actual event at the Embassy of Greece, we heard about Greece's role in the refugee situation. This was particularly interesting to me because I work with refugees in my internship at the International Rescue Committee, and they also have been discussing the debt crisis in Greece. Afterwards, a few friends and I visited a local second hand book store that had an awesome international history collection (I purchased a book on Zimbabwe's current president Mugabe and one on African relations). There were also so many restaurants in the area, so we decided to take advantage and eat at a Thai place.




As part of my weekly international affairs fix, I was lucky enough to sit in on 'effectively handling the humanitarian crisis' around the world at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. They spoke on what was working and what needed improvements when becoming resilient after a disaster. Nepal and Uganda were among countries highlighted and it was interesting because no one actually talks about effective efforts to help countries after a problem such as the safety of refugees in Greece, we often go in blind without a plan. It was great hearing from the humanitarian side, the country's perspective and from those who provide financial assistance such as USAID. Afterwards, I was able to network with people from all over the world working in international development and learn about options I may want to tap into.




Airport Pickup!

One of my favorite things about my internship is picking up new families who have just been resettled here from all over the world. I love welcoming them, helping them settle in, and of course speaking with the children! Here's a photo of a recent family bought over and to my surprise there were 2 kids! This adorable little human has the most amazing personality at such a young age, after such a long plane ride she was so joyful and smiled the entire time.



I Learn America

My internship, International Rescue Committee, invited me to a private screening of a documentary about a school in New York for child immigrants called I Learn America. The filmed followed around a few students' journey to adjusting to life here in the states and it did a great job of showing the struggles immigrants go through. Pictured here is my boss Marta and I before the film. Afterwards we actually had the pleasure of hearing from one of the students and how he is doing now. Sing, a refugee from Burma, traveled thousands of miles by foot while he was very young in search for a better life. The night reminded me of why my job is so important, because he struggled with paying rent and it is my duty to find refugees jobs.



Next Step Peace Corps!

Not sure if I told you guys, but I'm headed to Peace Corps in March! For the past few months, I've been preparing with medical clearances and special passports. Recently I attended an event that focused on engaging women volunteers with girls during their service to focus on projects that closed the gender gaps. I'm looking forward to starting initiatives in Nicaragua to benefit the women and girls there.


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