Birthing Passions in D.C.

Birthing Passions in D.C.

D.C. really provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot about myself, a community that needs assistance and about the world. One way I was best able to look back on my experience here was through my Civic Engagement reflection assigned to interns by TWC. Our task was to reflect on our civic engagements and act on a particular cause we cared about. After many interesting talks, events and seminars, I am happy to "birth" a new passion- International Education! After studying abroad a few times, coming back and spreading the amazing ways State Department helps students study abroad, and lack of youth exposure, I was fired up about getting kids abroad. With all of this new found knowledge, I catered my semester to volunteering with kids both students studying in the U.S. and Americans wanting to go abroad. If you guys are interested in going abroad TWC is actually partnered with the Pickering Fellowship which secures 2 amazing internships for you, gives you a huge chunk of money to go towards grad school and it's a pathway into the foreign service! How perfect, right? The info is right on TWC's homepage. I put a few photos from my abroad experience below, and my experiences with students coming to America.


Here's a photo of my speaking with the state department on my experience going abroad and how they can get more students to go.



Here are some from my exchange experience in Dubai




Here's a photo of my TWC friend Marilisa from Ethiopia along with my friend Janelle at a Thai restaurant in Dupont Circle.


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