Where I Come From

Where I Come From

What a busy week! Like every other week I worked Monday-Thursday. This week was different, however, because I had the anticipation of going home Friday on my mind. Monday was my normal crazy day where I have my internship followed by class. This Monday was even crazier though (in a good way) because after class, I got to go celebrate a friend's 27th birthday. It was nothing big, but a bunch of us got together in his apartment just to hang out and have cake. I missed the beginning because of class but I went straight after. It was definitely a great way to end a Monday!


Happy Birthday Juan!


Thursday night I went to bed relatively early so I could be sure I would wake up for my train Friday morning. I woke up at 4, printed out my ticket, and I was on my way back to New York! Luckily, not too many people enjoy traveling at that time so the train was pretty empty and I got my own seat for the majority of the ride. When I got to Penn Station in NYC, my mom picked me up and drove me to our home in Long Beach on Long Island. That was the longest I had ever been away before so it was really cool and refreshing to be able to see my family again.


Saturday I spent the day celebrating this beautiful young lady's 94th birthday in the Hampton's. Happy Birthday Nanny!


Having an amazing home cooked meal to celebrate my grandma's birthday almost seemed too good to be true. Being Italian definitely has its perks.


Sunday night I attended the petitioning ceremony my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega. We gained so many new members this semester so I was very happy I could go meet everyone!


A picture I took Monday night before I had to head back to D.C. on Tuesday. The beach makes leaving so hard...


Since we're just about half way through the semester (as I was rudely reminded by my mid-term paper being due), I figured I would share with you guys a few of the most important lessons I've learned so far. After all, I did come here for a learning experience.


1. When in doubt, just take the next small step. - Sometimes throughout this journey, everything I've had to do and take part in has seemed very overwhelming. I've gotten to a point a couple of times where I literally did not know what to do next. My advice would be that when you come here and you feel like you're in this situation, just take baby steps. There is no reason to jump into anything huge before you're ready. Take your time and as long as you're progressing, you're in good shape.


2. If you don't ask, you don't get. - Don't come here with the mindset that opportunities and good things will just be handed to you. Being an intern in Washington D.C. is only what you make it to be. Come here with the mindset that no matter how shy and passive you usually are, you will be super aggressive and passionate with everything you do. You're only here for a little over 3 months and you certainly do not have time to waste. Ask if you can attend the business meeting. Ask if you can get lunch with your boss to learn more about him or her and their position. Ask if you can have the day off to go to the educational event you've been wanting to go to. ASK!


3. If they're not helping you, they're hurting you. - I truly believe that everyone in your life comes into it for a reason. I think the people you surround yourself with teach you some of the biggest and most important lessons in life. Some people are meant to be in your life forever and some just aren't. I've taken the new outlook on life that if I think someone is not helping me get where I want to eventually be, I don't need them. That might sound harsh, but I think it's something everyone should really think about. Meeting so many new people in D.C. has taught me that some of the relationships in my life are not helping me grow as a person and instead holding me back. No matter how painful it is, sometimes we need to realize that growing up can suck sometimes and it is some of the hardest decisions that will have the best results.


On that note, it's time for bed. Gotta rest up for another week in the nation's capital. It may not be the "city that never sleeps" but sometimes I feel like the Shan that never sleeps. Goodnight!

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