Transitioning from Vacation to Home

Transitioning from Vacation to Home

Recently, I've been struggling to come up with things to write about in these blogs. At first, I was kind of bummed out because I felt like I was no longer making the most of my time here and kind of slacking on the tourist-like adventures. After thinking about it for a while though, I'm taking a different perspective. I'm taking the perspective that Washington D.C. is becoming a lot less of a place where I feel like I'm on vacation and a lot more of a place where I feel like I'm home living a normal day to day life. When you feel like you're home, you don't feel the need to see every museum there is as fast as you can because you know the museums aren't going anywhere and neither are you. Coming from someone who lives 5 blocks away from the beach, I am used to living where people vacation. Throughout my past 10 years of living there, I have heard countless times, "Oh. My. God. You are SOOOO lucky you live in Long Beach! If I lived there, I would never leave the beach! I would sleep there! Eat there! How are you doing something other than spending this beautiful day on the beach?!" What I think people don't realize is when you live somewhere, it's automatically a lot less exciting. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and being so close to it. I also am obsessed with living in Washington D.C. and all of the opportunities it has to offer. That being said, I don't feel the need to pitch a tent on the sand and live there for the entire summer nor do I feel like I need to spend my weekends with a camera around my neck sight seeing in D.C. like everyone thinks they would if they lived here.


I really do plan on being here for good one day. However, I don't plan on packing my bags and moving out the day I graduate from college. The only thing I have holding me back from saying "I will definitely be raising my family here" is my family right now. I live in a two-family house with my mom, brother, aunt, and 3 cousins. My dad lives about 2 minutes away from us in the house I grew up in. It is safe to say that all of us are pretty close. I mean, my mom rented a 6 bedroom house this Thanksgiving in Connecticut on the lake that about 16 of us will be living in for 4 days. I'm grateful to say that I am actually excited to be able to spend that much time with my extended family because I know a lot of people who wouldn't be. We all live really close to each other in New York and it's hard to imagine leaving everyone to live alone in D.C. for good. Luckily, I still have a long time to make that decision.


This weekend, I got a nice little taste of home when my friend Deirdre's parents came to visit. Even though they're obviously not my own family, it was still nice to be able to see familiar faces from home and have a nice meal out. We went to Founding Farmers and just like last time, it was delicious. Seriously, do not come to D.C. without going to Founding Farmers. You might have to make a reservation weeks in advance but it's worth it.


Deirdre and I before the delicious meal!


"Chicken Bolongese Bucatini" ... Highly Recommended.


The biggest piece of cheesecake I've even seen/eaten! It was so amazing. I can't even look at this picture without drooling.


Something really cool happened to me this weekend! I was coming from the Van Dorn metro stop on the yellow line back to NoMa. Literally one second after I got off the escalator to wait for the subway to come, a really bubbly girl in her 20s came over to me and asked me if the next subway that was coming was "going all the way." After further discussion to find out what she meant, I was able to answer her question. She was heading to Union Station which is the stop right before NoMa. Clearly, she was not a regular metro user and had no idea what she was doing. Since we were heading to pretty much the same place, I told her she could follow me and she did. Like I said before, she was very bubbly and thanked me like 15 times for helping her. It felt so cool to know so much about this metro system that I once dreaded the thought of using that I was actually able to help someone else use it! Call me a nerd but it kind of made my day.


Alright well posting those pictures of food made me 10x hungrier than I already was so I'm gonna go make some dinner! Talk to you all next week!

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