Thank You

Thank You

I've been home on Long Island now for about 3 days. All I can think about is how grateful I am to have made it through the semester and learned all that I learned. I could not have done it on my own and I owe a lot of my success to the program that allowed all of this to happen.


Thank you TWC for being everything I could have wanted in an internship program and more. Thank you for providing us beautiful apartments to live and grow in. They were far better than a dorm and truly made me feel like an adult living on my own in D.C. Thank you for having Alumni in Residence on every floor to be there for us and get us through any problems. Thank you for creating such a professional environment in general. Business professional attire is never my first choice but wearing it every Friday definitely has prepared me for the real life that doesn't involve wearing sweatpants everyday. Thank you for providing us with such informed and educated speakers that we could learn so much from. Thank you for so many things but most importantly, thank you for setting me up with an internship that I will never forget.


I had no idea what working in the American Legislative Exchange Council was going to be like. I had only ever heard the term "think-tank" a few times before and I knew less than nothing about state governments. There's a difference between senators and state senators? Who knew?! Well, now I do. Not only did I learn a lot about state governments, I learned a lot about what I want my future to look like. I realized how interested I am in the criminal justice system and helping those coming out of jail and how much I want that to be part of my career. Whether its working in another think-tank or being a professor that informs people about what's going on, I know what issue I want my career to involve fixing and that is much more than I knew in August. ALEC taught me that wearing business causal, sitting at a computer all day, and working a 9-5 job is not as bad as I thought and it's really what you make it to be. Everyday was a new adventure of learning everything from how to use excel to how to why it's impossible for a ex-criminal to get a job after his/her release. I really don't think my semester would have been as great as it was if I had been placed anywhere else. I met so many people that I am happy to now call my friends and I look forward to reconnecting with in the future. Thank you, ALEC, for teaching me more than I could put into words!



Two very important people in this picture that made this semester that much easier. My mom and my roommate! I won't bore you with a novel about how thankful I am for the parents God gave me. Thank you mom for coming to pick me up and thank you dad for paying for our delicious dinner even though you couldn't be there. Lastly, thank you to my wonderful roommate N'Makaba. I've had pretty crazy roommates in the past and N'Makaba was definitely a nice break from that. We got along great and learned so much from each other. Thank you for being you and I am confident our paths will cross again in the future!



This is just a small fraction of the amazing friends I made while I was in D.C. I was so scared coming into this experience that I wouldn't meet anyone that could compare to the amazing people I have in my life in New York. Man, was I wrong! Thank you to everyone I met here, whether we became close friends or acquaintances, for making my Washington, D.C. journey as good as it possibly could have been. I never could have imagined how many amazing and kind people I would be lucky enough to meet.


My one last thank-you goes out to my friends from home. I had a lot of ups and downs while trying to find my way through D.C. and there are two people in particular that come to mind when I think of who I wouldn't have gotten through the semester without. Coincidentally, they're the two people from home who visited me so they have both been mentioned in previous blogs. Diana, thank you for being the bestest best friend I have ever had. I can't imagine listening to me vent about the crazy things I do and say all day but you do it and for that I am very grateful. I would be no where without you in my life. And Seamus, thank you for dealing with all of the crazy things I do and say and must vent to Diana about. It's amazing having someone in my life that never gives up on me no matter how ridiculous the things I do are. You have always been and will always be one of the most important people in my life. I love you both and I am so happy to be home with you! Thank you for making one of the scariest experiences in my life that much easier.


That pretty much wraps up my final blog. Thank you to everyone who came along this journey with me by keeping up with my writing. I am so excited to start the next chapter in my life with all of the lessons and experiences D.C. gave me. And congratulations to everyone in this program that made it through. It wasn't easy but we all did it and I know every one of us has come out stronger and better equipped for the future.


I'll see you all soon!


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