The Mid-Semester Blues

The Mid-Semester Blues

There is something so weird about being away at a place for only one semester. The first three weeks, I was all over the place. I had the stress of trying to get adjusted to my new surroundings by making new friends and becoming comfortable at my internship. Then, for the next several weeks, I was able to really enjoy and take full advantage of my time here. That brings me to now. More than half way through the semester and 4 weeks away from Thanksgiving. It's crazy to think that I'll be going home in about a month and a half. I feel I can finally say I fit in to the D.C. way of life and feel as comfortable here as I do at home and now it's only a matter of weeks before I start preparing to return to New York! Luckily, TWC is offering a two week "Inside Washington" seminar over January break so I will hopefully be returning for that if my college allows me.


Anyways, this past week was great and adventure filled just like all of the others. Nothing too crazy happened at work, but we are preparing for a huge meeting we're having the first week in December in Arizona. The prep requires me to be on my A game between all the meetings and other work my boss has me do. It is never a dull moment at ALEC.


I spent two of my weekend nights at the local bars that are walking distance from the RAF. For those of you thinking of doing this program and wondering what the night life in NOMA is like, I'll tell you. If you're looking for a crazy bar/club scene with loud music and dancing, you're going to have to travel on the metro to different neighborhoods. However, if you're looking for a nice relaxing night at the bar with your friends, there are two great options. There are Driftwood and the Biergarten. I mentioned Driftwood in an earlier blog because I went there for brunch as well. It has several floors and is usually pretty quiet. The bartenders are amazing and will literally stay open until the last people leave (usually my group of friends). The biergarten is a German outdoor bar with games to play like kan jam, ladder ball, and corn hole. It is very scenic with all of their cool outdoor lighting and gravel ground. It is also conveniently right next to the metro station, so it's a great place to start at or end at because it is so close.


Now that you all probably think all I do on the weekends is bar hop, I'll tell you about my trip to Georgetown on Saturday. It was AMAZING! One day when I become a millionaire, I hope to live there. Every aspect of it was so nice and fancy. For a minute, I forgot I was a broke college student.



On the way there, we passed the Watergate Hotel... Scandalous!


We did some exploring on the property of the Watergate Hotel. This was pretty cool.


We ate dinner at Il Canale. I highly recommend it. The service was great and the food was even better. Yes, I made everyone wait to touch their pizza before I took this picture.


After dinner, we walked around Georgetown's campus. Let's just say I am INSANELY jealous of everyone who goes there.


This was on our way out of the campus. Amazing view!


Aside from this time of the semester being stressful because I know I have to go home soon, it is also stressful because of the workload. It is always this point in the semester that I start to lose motivation to get my assignments done on time and not slack on my responsibilities. That being said, I must go get back to my internship. I shall talk to you all on Sunday! Happy almost Halloween!

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