The End is Near

The End is Near

And my last weekend in Washington D.C. is finally coming to a close. I'll still be here until December 11th like everyone else, however, next weekend I will be home for Thanksgiving and the following weekend I'll be in Arizona for my internship. I can't even begin to explain how crazy it is that this journey is almost over. It was everything I hoped it was going to be and more and I can't wait to get back on campus and tell everyone about it.


My favorite thing out of the very many things The Washington Center has to offer has to have been the Simpson-Mineta Leadership Series. This past Friday, we had two speakers talk about foreign affairs. With the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the Syrian refugees possibly coming to America, this panel could not have been more timely. A vast majority of the questions were about those two issues, and I think it is safe to say everyone learned a lot. Both speakers were very knowledgeable and presented their information in a very clear and interesting way. I was excited to be there listening to them and honestly didn't want it to end.


My last SMLS panel :(


Saturday, my friend and I ventured out into the cold to go to Alexandria, Virginia. Like usual, I couldn't help but to buy shoes and clothes that I probably don't need. All of the trees had Christmas lights in them which made for a very pretty scene. I highly suggest going there during the Christmas season because all the stores are decorated and playing Christmas music and it definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit.


My picture doesn't do it justice. It would've been better if I could take it from the middle of the street but I don't think that would have ended well.


The reality that this is all coming to an end has really set in over the past week. Although it's going to be sad to leave D.C. and my friends, I am super excited to be back at school. If there's one thing I have realized, it's that this experience is really never going to end for me. Yes, in a few weeks I will no longer be living here, but that doesn't mean I'm going to forget all of the lessons I've learned while being here and friendships and connections I've made. That's what is so great about this experience. Of course it's about having a great time while you're here, but I think I am going to realize when I am home what I have really gained from this journey. I have a completely different and much more positive and confident mindset than I did before I got here, and I look forward to seeing what the world has to offer me as the new person I am.

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