Dupont? More like Dontpont

Dupont? More like Dontpont

Happy belated Halloween everyone! This weekend was so busy I have no idea how I'm awake right now. Halloween in D.C. is definitely something everyone should experience. Like every year in college, Halloween is celebrated all weekend. There really was no difference between Friday and Saturday. We dressed up both days and overall had a great time.


I'm going to talk about my week in reverse chronological order so I can start out by explaining my title. For those of you that don't know, Dupont Circle is a neighborhood in D.C. that has a lot of bars for college aged kids. Although we knew it was going to be crowded, we never could have anticipated what it looked like on Saturday. We waited on line for one bar for about a half an hour and then gave up and headed back to NoMa to go to Driftwood. It ended up being a pretty fun night, but one piece of advice I have for any incoming TWC students is DON'T go to Dupont on Halloween night unless you get there at 7pm and only want to go to one bar.


Anyways, during the day Saturday I had a great time. I went to a Halloween party at Catholic University with my friend Deirdre. It is definitely convenient and super cool to have such a good friend in a college that is so close. Friday night was actually a good night to go to Dupont. The crowd was perfect and we were able to get in everywhere we wanted without waiting on long lines. If there's one thing I love about living in D.C., it's the night life. There is never nothing to do here with all of the different neighborhoods and bars.



A few of us in the Dupont Circle Metro Station on Saturday night heading to Driftwood. If you couldn't tell, I was Donald Trump. I had a wig but it ended up coming off mid way through the night on Friday because it was too itchy.


Thursday I got to go into work late because I attended a workshop at the Leadership Institute. It was very helpful and informative. We learned a lot about networking, resume building, and how to get a job. Although it is called the "Conservative Intern Workshop," they barely talked about being conservative so I would recommend it to anyone. I even got 4 free books out of it! I hope to get around to reading them soon but it's kind of hard when I have about 30 pages a week to read for my class.


While I was celebrating here, I got to see this wonderful picture of my 82 year old grandma celebrating at home.


Shout out to G.G.! I couldn't not post this. I mean, look at her!


That's all for this week... talk to you all soon!

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