Dear Shannon

Dear Shannon

Dear the person I was before I left,


It's been just about 10 weeks since you left for D.C. and you're doing great. Who would've thought that you of all people would be able to moving to a new city completely alone in an apartment that you would have to cook your own food in... and survive? Not me. I thought about you for at least half a year and how you would manage this adventure. Never for a second did I think it was going to go this well. You've learned so much in such a short time and met so many new people. It's like you've lived here forever. When you were in the car with your mom when you visited home for the weekend, you even accidentally referred to D.C. as home. Oops! It's okay though because I'm starting to think that someday it will be.


Did you know how cool your internship was going to be? I remember how scared you were that you weren't going to be able to figure anything out and that you would have this big official scary boss that you wouldn't like at all. It's funny how wrong you were. Present Shannon can tell you now that there was no reason to be that scared. Your boss is nice, your co-workers are even nicer and everyday is a completely different experience.


Here's a picture of you with all of your co-interns! And you thought you would be the only one...


You get to see Deirdre a lot like you hoped you would. This weekend you got to go to Catholic University to hang out with her pretty much all of Friday and Saturday. Friday, you guys got dinner and hung out at one of her friends apartments. Saturday, you went to a day party at the rugby team's house.


Yes, you still wear flannels every chance you get.


As a whole, past Shannon, you have not changed too much as a person. You still have a very immature sense of humor, love taking naps, hate most kinds of food, and much prefer dressing down than up. However, it seems as though you have grown up a ton. It's amazing what just 10 weeks away can do to a person. You're no longer scared of sleeping away from home! What an accomplishment! If there was one thing you did not want to do, it was sleep away from Mom for a long period of time. But look, you did it, and I'm telling you it feels amazing. You can now use the oven without burning every inch of your body, you can take public transportation alone without getting lost, you can manage working and taking classes at the same time without getting too overwhelmed and you can even keep your room clean (to an extent). This might sound cliche, but it's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. You wanted to come here and have the time of your life, and look, you're doing it!



The person I am today

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