A Day of Thanks

A Day of Thanks

This week's blog is dedicated to the people I'm the most thankful for and the people I would not be in D.C. today without. I'm not saying that just because they're reading this blog. I really mean it. My family are the people that make being independent and seeing how much I've grown living on my own so joyous and also make leaving home so hard. I'm the type of person that needs their extra push to do things that scare me. Without it, I would probably be taking the easy way out and the easy way out definitely does not involve being here for a semester.


I went home on Wednesday on the earliest and cheapest Amtrak I could find. If you're coming to D.C. for the semester and plan on taking the Amtrak, definitely plan all of your trips as early as possible. The only two weekends I went home were huge travel weekends and it would have been helpful to have booked my tickets in August and not waiting until a few weeks before. The earlier you book, the more options you will have and the cheaper it will be. Traveling via Amtrak the day before Thanksgiving is no joke. And if you're not going home, TWC has a huge Thanksgiving dinner for those who stay in D.C. and I heard it's pretty great.


2 hours after I got home, we left for the house my mom rented for us in Connecticut. There were about 15 of us going and we were all there comfortably, to give you an idea of how big the house was. It was right on the beautiful Mystic River with a scenic view I already miss. It was a long busy three days but being with my family after not seeing most of them since I left in August was something I definitely needed.


This was taken standing on the back porch. When I woke up that morning and looked out my window, all I saw was pink. I ran downstairs (and woke my cousin up in the process) to get this amazing picture.


This is my immediate family. As you can see, we're all pretty short. It's honestly a miracle that my 16 year old brother made it past 5'5. (By the way, his wrestling team died their hair for a tournament in Puerto Rico. He didn't just bleach his hair for fun.)


The dinner table! It's going to take me months to be able to lose the amount of weight I gained from all that I ate this weekend.


I only have two weeks left here but it is going to be a very long two weeks! I have a 10 page paper due, the civic engagement reflection due, the portfolio due, and to make all of that impossible to get done, I'll be in Arizona with ALEC from Tuesday-Saturday. Luckily, being here has greatly improved my time management skills so I should be able to get all of that done. I'm sad I will be missing the TWC end of the year party on Friday, but I'll be busy working my butt off in Arizona trying to prove to my bosses that I did indeed learn a lot from them this semester. I'm scared for the flight because I've never been on a plane for more than a little over 2 hours and this flight is 6. Hopefully I will just sleep the whole time!


Alright well it's time to go stop listening to Christmas music and start all of the work that's due. Check back next week for a post my week in Arizona!

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