An Intern's Guide to DC in a Week

An Intern's Guide to DC in a Week

I can't believe my first 2 months in DC have been museum-less. To be fair, the weather has been too phenomenal to spend my time trying to conquer DC's wide museum palette. So, I was incredibly lucky for my girlfriend, Alice, and her parents to grace me with their transatlantic presence this week and give me the opportunity to see the DC attractions I've been missing!


Although we made a page-long list of things we were going to do whilst they were here, we hardly managed to complete half of them! There are only so many touristy things you can do in DC in a week, but I'm going to give you some tips on how to make the most of a condensed DC experience.


The Durrant's


Location, Location, Location

Where you stay will definitely influence what you do in DC. We decided to rent an apartment in Dupont Circle for the week, which was brilliant. It cut my daily commute to a 10-minute bus ride and was a stone's throw away from Georgetown. It was also 20-minute walk to the White House, so Obama and I were pretty much neighbors. I haven't really explored much of downtown Georgetown until this week. It was always a hub of activity with plenty of food and shops to chose from - my girlfriend's dad even said it was the best street he had been to in the US!


Chilling on the Washington Monument


Suns Out, Trainers Out

If the weather is favorable, it would be silly not to walk everywhere. DC is such a spontaneous city so if you Uber or Metro everywhere, you might miss out on the cities hidden secrets. While I was working this week, Alice and her parents had to navigate DC without me, but two of the things they did was visit Arlington National Cemetery and they took the Old Town Trolley - these are two definite recommendations.


POV Panoramic


Out Of This World

If you only had time to see one museum in DC, it would have to be the National Air and Space Museum. I may be a little narrow-minded, though, as it is one of the only museums I went to this week. Although it is the best free museum I have ever been to - it has enough exhibits to spend more than a day there. It also has a planetarium and cinema, as well as a jet fighter simulator - you need to pay for these, but it's worth the experience.


Air Space Museum Panoramic

Undercover Tourist

I haven't really gone for a walk down the National Mall (it normally just flashes by during my runs), but Alice being here was a perfect excuse to be a typical tourist. Our trek started with a White House selfie, followed by a stop at the Washington Monument. We sat in the sun at the World War Two Memorial. Next, was ice cream at the Lincoln Memorial, followed by a solemn stroll through the Vietnam Memorial. Our afternoon ended with a panoramic view of DC from POV and the day was capped off with an Italian meal at Paper Moon in Georgetown. What a day!


World War Two Memorial


Home Away From Home

Thank you to the Durrant's for an awesome week! Seeing familiar faces whilst being so far away from home is really nice, even though DC already feels like second home to me. On that note, I would like to wish my amazing mum a very Happy 50th Birthday! I still think she is the only one who reads these blogs.


Mum and I on Graduation

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