District of Culture

District of Culture

DC seems like a place that has borrowed its identity from different cultures and countries from around the world. I found out this week that the reason why so many of the government-related buildings were designed in a Neoclassical architectural style was to mirror the Ancient Greek and Roman political values. Interesting, huh? I find myself constantly intrigued by and full of admiration for this weirdly brilliant city.


Classical Architecture


So, something awesome happened at work this week. We were invited to view the home of Kevin Plank (the founder of Under Armour), which was recently developed by an engineering firm we're considering working with on one of our current projects. I can safely say we were thoroughly impressed. I'm not sure how much I should or can reveal about the house, but let me just mention that there was a man cave in the basement - enough said.


Due to the recent time change, it now gets dark at 5pm, eww. This also means Sam is going for an earlier run to catch some sunlight, as she finishes work earlier than me. I'm not sure why but I pushed myself to run to the Lincoln Memorial this week, but I did. I walked round to the back and sat between two columns as I watched traffic go by. I can't imagine a better place to de-stress or just think and clear your head.

Fancy a short trip to Mexico whilst in DC? Or for your taste buds at least? Then split an Uber with your friends to Far East Taco Grille and be prepared for a fiesta in your mouth, perfect for a chilled Friday night.


Taco Selfie


1,2,3,4,5,7. It's been 7 weeks, but we've finally gone on a field trip for our professional track. We were invited for a tour and talk at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center. How have I not known about this place before? It is a federal building housing both government and private offices, but it is very public in the sense that it is constantly hosting events, has a great food court and has a nice exterior space which hosts food markets. There is even a piece of the Berlin Wall exhibited inside! The talk was given by Kent Hughes of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, whose expertise was in economic and globalization. The problem is, that's not my expertise, so I found some of the subjects a little too advanced for someone who hasn't studied something relating to business. Although, the tour focused on the building's architecture, which more than made up for it.




It was Remembrance Sunday this week, so Scott and I thought it seemed fitting for a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. We were going to visit the Holocaust Museum, but the weather was too good to pass up the opportunity to do something outdoors - we would have to go to the museum on a rainy and miserable day to do any justice to the experience. We had to brunch first obviously, so we made a stop at Silo which was a brilliant idea.


Arlington Cemetery


The Rock Missing: Reward If Returned

There are 26 Gibraltarians interning through TWC this semester, so it definitely feels like there is a part of Gib in DC - we are just missing our Rock and some monkeys. I can't even escape it at work, as I was interrogated by my work colleagues about Gib this week. Look, we even found somewhere here named after us!


Gib in DC

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