Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

It's very hard to believe, but my time here in D.C. has finally come to an end. It's been an action-packed semester that has nevertheless gone by in a flash. I have loved every single second of it. As I sit at home (sadly) writing my last blog, I thought I would share some final thoughts on my time in the District.


This has been a great learning experience for me, as I have been able to really think about and exploring life after I finish my undergraduate education. I have developed a far greater understanding of what my future holds after being introduced to all of the different career paths that are available in Washington, D.C. for those with the vision and drive to pursue them. Being able to meet with professionals in the field I am interested in has given me renewed confidence in my own ability to enter into the political realm after graduation and find my own place here in our nation's capital. From informational interviews to chance meetings with some fascinating people, I loved having the opportunity to pick the brains of those who are actively pursuing their passions in Washington. I will definitely work hard to keep up the relationships I have formed here!


Some of the most enjoyable relationships I have formed are with the people I was fortunate enough to work with (almost) every single day. Being able to form close relationships with not just my fellow interns but also my supervisor and co-workers was amazing, because now I feel like I have a circle of people I can always turn to for academic or career advice as I finish up my undergraduate studies. Being able to work in my office alongside professionals who are not much older than myself was eye-opening. A lot of these folks were interns themselves in the recent past, and to see them go from where I was to working in a field I am interested in was tremendously encouraging.


Lastly, I was lucky to share my time in D.C. with some really great people. I am happy to say I have made some friendships that are going to last far longer than the course of a single semester. Thanks to all of the wonderful folks that made this experience the amazing, life-changing one that it was!


Happy Holidays from my own "Sunday Night" Family to yours!


All the Best,



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