"You have to taste a culture to understand it"

"You have to taste a culture to understand it"

This past week has been one full of different cultures, and you know what that means (Hint: the answer is food)! From TWC's Global Citizenship Day Festival at the RAF on Friday, to the Taste of DC Festival on Sunday, to celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, my tastebuds literally traveled all over the world. I knew that when I came to D.C. I would have some new experiences, but I had no idea I would have the opportunity to taste so much of the world.


Around the World in 2 Hours

The Global Citizenship Day was Friday evening at the RAF. With about 30 different countries represented in The Washington Center, it was amazing to see everyone get together and showcase their country's cultures. Each country had a booth in which they shared facts and, more importantly, cuisine from their country. The patriotism that everyone showed was amazing. The United States even got featured this year for the first time because some people from New England decided to do a booth! Unfortunately, being from Ohio, I did not have anything to showcase (corn? Skyline chili? I'm not really sure). My favorite food had to have been a dessert from Puerto Rico and stuffed cucumber from Gibraltar. I now have two more countries to add to my bucket list!


After the booths, each country had a chance to present themselves, as well as perform a talent. Who knew everybody could sing and dance? The amount of talented people that showed up on Friday was amazing. Again, I was definitely a viewer and not a participant in this case (I do have a really good shower rendition of Flawless by Beyonce, though). However, the people that performed were probably much better. This event was definitely one of my favorite so far (and I swear it's not entirely because of the free food).


Four Blocks of Fun

Staying in the food theme I've got going on here, on Sunday I volunteered at The Taste of DC Festival. One component of TWC program is Civic Engagement and giving back to the community. I thought, "hey, what better way to volunteer my time than a whole festival dedicated to good food and drinks?" So, on Sunday, I headed to Pennsylvania Ave and helped sell beverage tickets for the event. The event featured over 50 different vendors and expanded 4 blocks. After my shift was over, I got to go explore all the different booths and food trucks that were being featured! After trying everything I could without exploding, I decided that the pastrami from Pittsburgh Rick's definitely had my vote. Though, my salted truffle fries and salted caramel macaroon were definitely close contenders.



Oh, Canada!

Since Monday was a Federal Holiday, many of us at TWC did not have to work. Most people knew this was Columbus Day (not sure why we celebrate the man who jumpstarted the transatlantic slave trade but hey, maybe that's just me), but what many also didn't realize was that Sunday and Monday were also Canadian Thanksgiving. Canadians celebrate thanksgiving similarly to American Thanksgiving, but it isn't nearly as big of a deal. There is no major parade or black friday deals (major sigh). Their Thanksgiving also has nothing to do with a pilgrim backstory, but everything to do with a bountiful harvest. Given that there are quite a few Canadians at TWC, they put together a great thanksgiving meal! Everyone brought a dish and us American's got our first of (hopefully) two thanksgiving feasts.



This past weekend I also saw my first movie here in D.C. My friend Claire and I saw, Grandma, starring Lily Tomlin. Tomlin plays a Grandma who helps her granddaughter get enough money to get an abortion. The film does a really good job handling the stigma that surrounds abortion, and with Planned Parenthood being a hot topic in the news these days, the movie did a great job at emphasizing a woman's right to choose. Each and every situation is different when it comes to abortion, and this film showcases just one that could occur; I hope it causes many viewers to really think! I definitely recommend that everyone go see this, but I'm 100% positive there's a much better written movie critique on the internet somewhere if that will help convince you more to see it.


Weekly Recap:
Sights Seen: Definitely veered from the whole tourist thing this week...
Favorite Food: OH GOD. Let's see. Literally everything.  I can't pick, you can't make me pick.
Best Ice Cream: Union Market
Money Saving Tip: You pay thousands of dollars for your education, use your student ID for student discounts. If you don't know if somewhere has a student discount, be that person and ask.

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