Stop existing, and start living

Stop existing, and start living

These past 2 weeks were definitely one for the books. Hanover had fall break this past weekend, so my sister and grandparents decided to visit and I showed them around my city! I felt a slight transgression back into tourist mode (especially with my grandparents' obsession with their map), but it was worth every minute. We accomplished Georgetown, 4 museums, all the monuments, shopping and some of the best food I’ve had here.


Georgetown is definitely my favorite place in D.C. thus far. While it isn’t the easiest place to get to (a.k.a. there isn’t really a close Metro stop), the D.C. Circulator bus does go there. You can catch it at Union Station and it’s about a 30 minute ride, so it isn’t too bad. With all of the shopping and the restaurants, it’s definitely pretty busy on a Saturday night, but the view of the Potomac is absolutely one you don't want to miss out on.


The next morning, we had a visit to the Capitol. This was exciting for me; while I occasionally come to Capitol Hill for work, I had never been on a formal tour before. You can schedule a tour by contacting your Senator or Representative’s office - usually their website has a link! All of the tours are free, and it was definitely interesting to view Congress from a more historical perspective (we nerded out hard core, it's fine).



On Wednesday, my friend Marissa and I decided to go to a concert at 9:30 Club! We saw Bryce Vine, who I first saw when he performed at Hanover. We both had to be on the Hill in the morning, but it was definitely worth staying up for! We hung out with him after the concert, and it was a nice change of events during the work week.


On Saturday, my friend and co-worker at Commerce who goes to American University took me hiking to Rock Creek Park. This was fun because hiking is big at Hanover, and the park reminded me of home. The weather was evidently "good hiking weather" (even though I definitely complained about it being too cold). After hiking, I got to walk around the AU campus. It’s so weird to me that there’s just a college campus in the middle of a city, considering I’m used to a 4 minute “scenic” drive to get to my campus in the middle of nowhere. I was impressed by how politically active the college is; this makes sense considering its location, but still it's nice to see everyone so actively involved.



On Sunday, I went to my first Redskins game! They played Tampa Bay (both teams I really could not care less for, but that’s okay) (who dey). The game itself actually turned out to be really fun, with the Redskins clutching the win in the last minute with a final score of 31-30. Our tickets were pretty cheap, too; they were at the very top, but the view was actually quite nice. My ultimate goal is to attend a game for all of D.C.’s teams: I’ve already got Redskins and Nats done; I just need Capitals and the Wizards, and I’ll be one happy girl.



Even with working 9am-6pm every day, I've managed to find new activities and new things to do, both during the week and on the weekend. Although my bank account is slightly upset with me this week, the experiences are more than worth it. Whether it be waiting two hours in line for the opening of a new bakery/cafe (yes, that's how I spent my Friday night) or just walking around downtown, these memories are things I'm not going to forget. I'm feeling the urge to quote Robert Frost here about taking the road less traveled, but I'm trying to be cool in this blog. Maybe to try and be more hip, I'll just end with one thing - YOLO.

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