If at first you don't succeed, order pizza

If at first you don't succeed, order pizza

With the air getting cooler and the leaves changing color, it’s slowly dawning on me that my time in D.C. is already halfway over. It’s crazy to think that the routine that I’ve so easily FALLen (hehe...get it?) into here will be over before I know it. Sometimes it’s hard to picture going back to school for another year and a half; this experience has me just jumping at the chance to enter the workforce (hire me plz?!)!


As time-consuming (and rewarding, of course) as this whole experience has been, I thinks it's important for me to make a valiant effort to try and stay connected with everything going on at my school as well. Whether it be running for sorority president in 2 weeks (vote for me!) or training for the half marathon I will be running when I get home, I am trying as much as I can to keep involved so that my life isn’t completely turned upside down when I have to leave this wonderful city. 


As part of the Simpson-Mineta Leader Series (SMLS) last Friday morning, we had speakers who are part of the White House Press Correspondents. They follow Obama’s every move, report on every decision and are at the White House for every breaking news story. It’s very interesting to note that, while Obama ran on a promise to be a transparent President, many believe his presidency is among some of the least transparent (behind Nixon, of course). His ability to sidestep the mainstream media and use his own preferred methods of media (whether that be Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis or The View) is one that’s new to the Presidency. He’s also our first social media President and that in itself is making history.


Prior to this event, I also had the opportunity to attend the Newseum with my Politics and Public Policy professional track. This was a great opportunity, especially because the Newseum usually costs around $18 regularly. Personally, I often take the media for granted, and I've never fully understood the criticism that journalists, photographers and reporters face daily. When you are the first person to break a big story, you've got to get your facts right. Our first amendment is the foundation of self-fulfillment. It enables each human being to reach his or her full potential, as well as being pertinent to the advancement of knowledge. All of this said, the first amendment also helps keep our system of self-government in check. With the ability to say what we want, the media is able to keep all aspects of government in check. Well, enough of that philosophical rant - back to my ever-so-exciting escapades in the city.


As everyone knows, this past weekend was also Halloween. BOO! In a city this big, it was pretty easy to come across some pretty awesome costumes. I even saw a walking shower. This girl literally had a shower head hanging over her. From the Freddy & Jasons to the vampires and witches, I also saw some pretty top-of-the-line creepy costumes. Although these were scary, I think someone dressed up as student loans or commitment could have been a whole lot scarier.


Nevertheless, I put on my costume (I was Tina from Bob’s Burgers *uuuhhhhhh*), and my friends and I went over to The Black Cat to celebrate! (How fitting, right?) The theme was 80’s music all night. I’m not sure it could’ve gotten much better. After being some dancing queens, we headed over to Jumbo Slice in DuPont to wrap up the night. It was honestly the biggest pizza I have ever seen. And I ate every bite. And I regret nothing.



If you’ve been reading any of my previous posts or posts from any of the other bloggers, you’re familiar with the D.C. brunch scene. My friend Megan, who is also part of TWC, contacted me recently with her running list of best brunch places in D.C. Yes, she has been to all of these places. (Hey Megan, look it’s your big break!)


  1. PAUL
  2. Ted’s Bulletin (Megan says get the pop tarts. Even if it’s a 2-hour wait)
  3. World Famous Florida Ave Grill (The oldest breakfast place in D.C.)
  4. Ristorante Piccolo (Clearly Italian)

Megan has informed me that out of all of these 4 spots, PAUL gets her vote. Not only because it's well-priced (ya know, ballin' on a budget) but also because it's super cute. Let's be honest here people, if you can't take an artsy pic in a restaurant, is if even worth going to?


As part of an assignment for my Scandalous D.C. class, next week I have to take a trip to U St. and eat at Ben's Chilli Bowl - check back for my ever so prestigious review!

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