Ambition is enthusiasm, with a purpose

Ambition is enthusiasm, with a purpose

The temperature may be dropping, but that isn't going to keep me inside! This past week was one of many adventures, including a weekend trip to Georgetown, a visit from a Philly friend, and D.C. house hunting (yes, I am referring to my tour at the White House).


Friday night was spent wandering the streets of Georgetown and a trip to Clyde's! I ordered the 8th most popular burger in D.C. and, yes, it lived up to it's standards. We also tried to go to Baked and Wired (to compare and contrast with Georgetown Cupcakes, obviously), but were turned away since it was closing time. Apparently, that cupcake did not know who it wanted to take them home (HAHA I crack myself up).  We maneuvered the crisis however and got gelato instead! Yes, I did end up dropping all the gelato out of the cone and onto the ground, but the worker graciously gave me more. Even though the world was out to prove that I did not need dessert, I succeeded. Fall down 7 times, stand up 8 dangit.


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of showing my friend Mal around my city! Mal goes to Hanover with me, and she is a Phi Mu as well. She is currently doing a program in Philadelphia called TPC (Love the acronym, don't you?) Mal took the MegaBus here, and we started exploring right away! We got all of the must-see tourist destinations out of the way, think "typical monument pics." We had fabulous pizza at District of Pi Pizzeria, and ended the night at Milk. The next morning we made it over to Ted's Bulletin, Lafayette Square, and the Eastern Market! It was a great 26 hours to say the least, and even better to show someone around in their first time to this incredible city.



My favorite part of the weekend was the newly opened Renwick Gallery. It opened last week and it contains 9 different art installations - and it's so cool! I'm not a huge art person, but these things were pretty great. From hundreds of marbles glued to the floor to a whole exhibit made out of rubber tires, this is definitely somewhere you want to go. And, it's a Smithsonian, so of course it's free.



With Thanksgiving coming up, I'll be getting a visit from my two favorite people - my mom and sister! It will definitely be a change of events to spend the holiday in a city rather than at my grandparents house as usual, but I'm excited to see what's in store. And yes, by that I mean I'm excited to see what stores have the Black Friday sales this year. Black Friday shopping is a gift, and we have perfected it. Check back next week to see all of our tips to be the best shopper you can be - mwuahaha!

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