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I Like Cities that Smile When It's Raining

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last week was finally conference week, a.k.a. the week we have been preparing for ever since I started at NAFIS. We stayed in a nice hotel for the week, which was pretty awesome, I must say; no cooking or cleaning for a week? I’ll take that!  

So, my birthday was this past week, and I decided to invite Pope Francis and Ed Sheeran for a small get-together in DC. Alright, so maybe I didn’t invite them; the point is, they both came to DC on my birthday, and it was pretty much the greatest birthday I've ever had because my two favorite people were in the same city as me at the same time! If there were ever a week to be in DC, it was definitely this one. I am honestly still recovering and pinching myself because I cannot believe it actually happened.

The Calm Before the Storm

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Well, I have officially identified the Circulator bus as my favorite means of transportation in the city. As I mentioned in my last blog, I am able to take the Circulator from Union Station (which is a ten-minute walk from where we live) to Georgetown for $1! On our way to Georgetown last week, I noticed that it drove and stopped just feet away from the church I've been attending for the past couple of weeks.

Everywhere Is on My List of Places to Visit

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where Do I Even Start? So, this is my first experience with blogging, and I am not one to keep a journal - bear with me as I figure out how to convey my excitement for all I saw this week in one post!  

The picture below is an Instagram post I made a long time ago; 173 weeks ago to be exact. I was a junior in high school then and am now a junior in college (woah, that makes me feel old):    

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