Week Full-O-Fun

Week Full-O-Fun

I know I have probably mentioned this a thousand times, but I am almost positive that I have the greatest internship I could have asked for. Every day, I have the freedom of stepping out of the office whenever I’d like to attend hearings and/or other meetings that I am interested in; this is like a dream for someone like me who cannot sit at a desk for 8 hours straight. Our supervisor emails us a list of events in DC every day, and we can choose to attend whatever sounds interesting. Some days, I get to spend half of my time on the Hill attending hearings, while on other days, I may attend education conferences put on by different organizations. This has been one of my favorite things about being in DC; I have been able to see how things come together and how legislation starts off as an idea in an organization and eventually makes in to the Hill.


This week, I attended an event with the Center for Native American Youth, and it was by far one of my favorite meetings I have attended. The theme was "Generation Indigenous: Elevating Young Native American Leaders" and they had 3 young Native American leaders who shared their stories, along with what they are doing to help young Native Americans like them. The stories were so touching and inspiring; it truly showed the struggles that Native Americans in this country still face today. Through my internship, I have been able to learn about some of the federally impacted school districts that face many more challenges than average, due to the population they serve. These young students who shared their stories with us aspire to keep their Native American culture alive, because the rapid development that society has witnessed has made it more difficult for tribes to cultivate what they have always believed in.


Interns Party on a Tuesday

Alright, so I don’t go out much - actually hardly at all, considering I am not 21. However, we had Wednesday off this week due to Veterans Day, and a huge group of interns were planning on going out on Tuesday night at a 18+ club since the majority did not have to work the following day. It was so last-minute, and I had to get ready in 45 minutes to go, but I figured why not? I never do this and I didn't have to work the next day, so I didn't have much to lose. The club was decent, but the group of interns were a blast. It was really just a good time to spend dancing and hanging out, which is something I hardly ever get to do because I am the baby of the bunch. I met a few new cool cats that I’d never talked to before and considering it was a Tuesday night, the place was not packed and the majority of people there were TWC interns.


These Girls are By Far My Favorite People in DC



The whole week, I was anxiously counting down until Friday because my best friend came all the way from Michigan just to hang out with me for the weekend. I look forward to being forced to be a tourist a tad too much… I was overly excited about hitting up all the monuments and neat spots I have discovered during my time here. First stop on Friday once Jess got here was Georgetown, because if you have not read any of my other blogs, Georgetown is my favorite place in DC. We walked and shopped for a solid 3 hours; needless to say we may have spent a little too much money in Georgetown, which may explain why I no longer have money for groceries… but anyways it was a blast, and Jess fell in love with Georgetown!


The entire time I have been here, I have told Jess about this awesome place where I love to go Latin dancing, and I was so pumped to take her there. After the whole day of shopping and walking, we weren’t sure if our feet could handle a night of dancing, but we made it. Being from Ohio, where I'm deprived of a large Latino population, I get entirely too excited about things like this, but I mean it’s only rational, right? The night turned out pretty well; everything went exactly how it was not supposed to go, but it was Friday the 13th and our life is a constant mess, so we didn’t expect much more. The important part was that we had an awesome time, and Jess had an unforgettable night out in DC.


Thanks for Flying from Michigan to Take Selfies With Me


Praying for France

On Friday afternoon, as we shopped in Georgetown, there was a terrorist attack on France where many innocent individuals lost their lives. It was a bit of a damper on our mood on Saturday, as we carried heavy hearts for the devastating event in France. We had plans to visit monuments on Saturday and do what tourists typically do, but could not bear the fact that this had just happened to our beloved allies. Instead of going to monuments, we decided to go to the French Embassy to pay our respects and show our support; this was by far the best idea we had all weekend. The embassy was covered with flowers, candles, notes and artwork along the front as people filed through to pray and have a moment of silence for the impacted nation. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do this; it was important to step back and take into consideration the violence that is happening around the world and the many innocent lives that are lost daily.


At a Time of Crisis, We All Unite and Support


Pray For the World,

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