Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count

Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count

This was one of those weeks where so many things happened that the Monday through Thursday work week was a complete blur. Every Thursday, I cross the day off on my calendar and get a little sad because that’s another week that has come and gone, and I am one week closer to having to go home. Don’t get me wrong, I love home and miss my family/friends, but I just can’t think of leaving this place yet. Molly and I typed up our goodbye notes for our organization’s newsletter this week, which made everything a little bit more real… Anywho, I’ll stop talking about my upsetting moments of the week and share the pretty cool things that happened, because it was an exciting week for DC!

Hooray to a Budget Deal

NAFIS Staff Excited About the Budget and Raising the Caps

So, all the work we put in for raising the spending caps for non-defense programs paid off this week when Congress finally agreed on a budget deal. It came as a surprise to many, because we were unaware that they were so close to reaching a bipartisan deal; however, with John Boehner officially stepping down at the end of the week, it was ideal planning. Paul Ryan became the new speaker of the House of Representative on Thursday, October 29th when he won over Democratic Representative and Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. Needless to say, Congress was definitely on a roll this week. When I called home and expressed my excitement for all of this, everyone thought I was crazy, so I think you definitely catch politics fever when you spend enough time in DC. In all honesty though, I feel like I have learned more about politics in the 2 months than I have in my two years of college education. Everything suddenly becomes much more intense and real when you spend a lot of your days on the Hill and where everywhere you go, someone’s talking politics. Politics is a language, one that you learn best when you’re immersed in it and have no other choice but to assimilate… aka fake it till you make it.

Orange Leaves Orange Holiday

So, weather update in DC: the leaves are finally changing colors, it’s getting cooler and raining a little. A lot of people are complaining because it’s either too cold or too rainy, but how could fall colors not brighten up your day a little?

Snapchat Worthy Shot On My Walk Home

Halloween: the holiday that I only looked forward to when I was in grade school and people gave me awesome candy. Now it's the holiday that everyone gets super creative for and you have to spend hours on Pinterest trying to figure out what the easiest (yet cute) costume will be for the year. Honestly, I kind of hate Halloween because I have to put so much effort into it (sorry if I offend any of you Halloween lovers). But considering this week was crazy enough, I surely did not go out to find a costume; plus, I have little money to spend and not many things in my apartment to be creative with, so I honestly did not want to think of it.

Ok, so for the first time in my life, I had to sink as low as a cat for Halloween. Even this costume was hard to put together, as I am sure I bought the last pair of cat ears in Washington DC on Saturday. Yeah yeah, it’s my own fault for waiting until last minute, but still! I didn’t feel as bad when I realized the majority of the interns were in the same boat as me, creativity and resource-wise. I am glad I decided to participate in the night though; I definitely had a blast and got to spend the night with some of my favorite girls here. I guess you could say the night went a lot better than I had expected; I’m such a Halloween pessimist. I’ve made a point to really enjoy every second I have left though, whether it be on rainy days, my least favorite holiday or crazy weeks in the city.

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