Daylight Savings, Can We Have Our Daylight Back?

Daylight Savings, Can We Have Our Daylight Back?

The picture below is an accurate interpretation of me as I walked out of work every day this week. Gosh, I love this time of year, you know time when I am expected to function all day long when the sky is obviously telling me to go to bed.



I spent the entirety of the week trying to figure out what Mother Nature was throwing at us; it was dark for most of my day and unseasonably warm for November. I am not sure if it is normal for DC, but I know that in Northern Ohio, 80 degrees is not a common temperature for the first week of November. Typically, I am that person listing to Christmas music the day after Halloween... but the fact that I have been able to wear shorts this past week has not made it feel right to play holiday tunes quite yet. Trust me, I am not complaining though: I could totally go for a few extra weeks without daily snow storms!


Ok, so the sunset after work is kind of cool...



Saturday morning sunrise in Delaware


So, the highlight of my week was definitely the weekend trip to Delaware with some students from George Washington University. One thing I have really loved about my time in DC is how easy it is to get out and explore the states around us. Being from the Midwest, we don’t often vacation or visit this neck of the woods, but I am so glad I have had the opportunity to so; I've now been to more places I can pin on my map! I have also been beyond blessed to have found such a welcoming and awesome group of students at GW that are always open to having me join them for their events. I went on a white water rafting trip with them in the beginning of the semester and have been attending student mass with them every Sunday, so when I heard there was a women’s retreat, naturally I thought “I must go”.

We were in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware… I had no idea Delaware had beaches, but I’m glad they do. The weather was perfect. We stayed in a beach house that I am sure was owned by Barbie’s family, and the beach was literally our backyard. I was unaware that so much perfection was possible. I am a sucker for relaxing places without tourists and living in the city makes me yearn for that even more; there was no better time for a retreat like this. I spent the weekend getting to know an amazing group of girls, reflecting and napping. I’m not going to lie, it was one of my favorite weekends of all-time.

Retreat group AKA coolest girls I've ever met


Building Confidence

This weekend away made me realize that DC has made me more so of an extrovert. When we first got here and were told to ‘network’ and find informational interviews, I thought it would be the worst thing in the world. At home, networking is not something we strive for and informational interviews are almost unheard of… so, it was definitely an adjustment. This weekend, I noticed myself being more adaptable to different groups of people and more open to sparking a conversation with any of them. It has been a work in progress, but I think that I have surpassed my fear of making a fool out of myself or feeling out of line.


While you’re here, you have to be prepared to meet anyone at anytime and willing to put yourself out there, because nothing gets accomplished from staying in your comfort zone. If you had asked me a few months ago if I would go on a weekend retreat with a bunch of people I did not know, there is a high possibility I’d say “heck no!” I have managed to get myself 3 informational interviews during my time here and each one has taught me so much. I guess you learn a lot when you do what you’re most afraid of doing. Thank you to this city and this experience for forcing me to do things I would have never thought to do, and helping me grow into a more confident person.

These last few weeks in DC are going to be full of activities with my best friend coming next weekend and every weekend after that being filled with traveling and new places. Can’t wait to share with you all!

Stay Tuned,

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