This City Never Sleeps…Or Maybe It’s Just Me

This City Never Sleeps…Or Maybe It’s Just Me

So during our orientation on our first day here, they told us, “don’t sleep while you’re here, you have all winter break to sleep!” Naturally, I thought they were nuts. I mean I understood that they wanted us to go out and explore the city, but I was sure I’d be getting my 7 hours of sleep in during the week…boy was I wrong. Every hour of sleep that I have lost here is very well worth it, I don’t spend it writing papers or studying for exams like I do back at home, it’s a little more fun than that here.

Gala Your Life Away

Kid you not, I had two big Galas this week in a matter of three days. It was exhausting to go from work to Gala, I felt like I did non-stop going all week but it was so much fun! On Monday, we were invited to The Washington Center Gala which is an event that they hold every year and the fanciest event I have ever attended. Not many current TWC students get invited, but our school liaisons made it out and invited the three University of Toledo student to join them at the event. Our liaisons are kind of the  and catching up with them about what we have been up to here, and them letting us know what was going on back at home was just nice. Just in case anyone was wondering, our football team is currently ranked #22 in the nation so GO ROCKETS!!!

Rockets Take On TWC Gala!


This event was simply perfect, I honestly do not know how else to put it. I got amazing food served for me throughout the night, I got to talk to a lot of TWC alum with motivating success stories and I got to hang out with my UT family.


Wednesday… Everyone Loves Wednesdays

One of the requirements of The Washington Center is to do a Public Policy meeting, typically with someone on the Hill. No worries, it is all set up for you and you just have to show up. We go with a group of other students and get to meet with a member of congress from our state; sometimes the students meet with the member’s staff because they may be away, but we got the real deal! A group of other students from Ohio and I got to meet with Senator Rob Portman on Wednesday morning. It was truly a pleasure and we really appreciated the fact that he took time out to meet us, especially since we know every member of congress right now has a packed schedule.

Ohio Interns and Ohio Senator Rob Portman


Of course, my public policy meeting happened to be scheduled on the same day as our Committee for Education Funding (CEF) Gala which was practically an all-day event. No worries though, I got to spend the majority of the day on the Hill which was pretty awesome and I got to talk to and hug one of my favorite congresswomen, which was even cooler! Shortly after meeting with Senator Portman, I had to meet my supervisor at a legislative conference which was in one of the House building—I’m pretty sure I walked into and through every House and Senate building that day. At the conference, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (representative of the Third District of Connecticut), spoke on behalf of education and raising the spending caps to fund nondefense discretionary programs, specifically education. I have heard her speak once before and was so impressed by the passion and sincerity of her words. This time around, I couldn’t help but go up to her and introduce myself as well as thank her for the work she does for students. As a student myself and an intern in an organization focused on education, it truly is a relief to hear a member of congress speak so avidly on the issues we are facing. I was thrilled to be able to speak with her and she seemed to have appreciated my words as well because she starred at me for a little while and just gave me a huge hug; not many members of congress will do that so it was unexpected but so sweet of her.

Found Another TWC Intern at the Rally #RaisetheCaps


After the Legislative Conference, we proceeded to the rally taking place on the Capitol’s lawn. Everyone had their “Raise the Caps” caps on, including Reps. Hoyer, Lowey, Van Hollen, Lujan Grisham, and Kelly, as well as Senators Schumer, Reed, and Whitehouse who participated in the rally and made some special remarks. It was truly a great day full of people fired up about education and ending sequestration! The day closed out with the official CEF Gala which was great because that meant food… aka another night I didn’t have to make dinner. So yay for Gala week!


When in D.C. the Mall is a Must

When you come to D.C. you quickly learn that the National Mall is NOT the biggest shopping mall in the nation –total rookie mistake. So when you come to the city and someone asks if you want to go to the mall, do not grab your credit cards, lace up those tennis shoes and get ready for a good stroll. I am not going to lie, after all of these weeks here, the National Mall is my favorite place to run to. How remarkable is it to get to live and casually go on runs by monuments that people come from all over the world to see? It is definitely something I could never get sick of.

This Saturday, my friend Irine decided to go on the run with me. I kind of found out when she gaped at the sight of the Washington Monument that she had never visited any of the monuments before; I know, I am just as shocked as you all considering we’ve been here for nearly two months! But I am actually glad she hadn’t visited them before because it gave us an excuse to act like tourists for a couple hours. We walked around and had photoshoots in front of all of them, I literally had a blast.



Despite the fact that I should be exhausted every day because I keep my sleeping to a minimum, I’m not. Every early morning and late night is so worth it in this city, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sleeping is for Ohio, exploring is for D.C. As always, cannot wait for what this upcoming week has for me.


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