“Wait, I Haven’t Done that Yet!”

“Wait, I Haven’t Done that Yet!”

It's crunch time, the semester has been winding to its final days and the weekends left for fun-tivities are extremely limited. This whole “oh, we’ll do that one of these weekends” thing does not work anymore, considering we technically only have one weekend left. It has been so hectic lately with final presentations for class, out-of-town visitors and spring semester planning.


I Think I'm Happiest In New Places...Not Done Exploring As You Can See!


When I came to DC, I had several things on my "bucket list"...I'm pretty sure I have done most of them and then some. One thing I've learned during my time here is that you have to listen to recommendations from locals (which makes your must-do list much longer) and take advantage of your location. You really don’t realize how fast time flies until you are sitting in your apartment on a Sunday night with a list of things you still want to do and only two weekends left to do them.


Gallery. Pass. Yes.

After our public policy meeting with Senator Rob Portman last month, I received gallery passes that allow you to sit in on the House and Senate while they are in session. Ever since I received the tickets, I've been saying that I am going to go, but, of course, have not done it yet. Molly and I finally looked up what time the House and Senate would be in session this week and planned to go on Tuesday morning to take advantage of our passes.


For those coming to DC either to visit or to intern, I would highly recommend going to do this on the Hill; it is something everyone should see to understand how Congress functions on a daily basis. I definitely thought that when they met, the majority of them were there to give input and vote, but it was nothing like that. Before the House commenced, Speaker Paul Ryan spoke and officially declared the House in session. Senators and Representatives come and go as they please to make their remarks, which are timed and usually fairly brief. I guess some people would find this whole experience pretty boring, but if you’re into politics and are in DC it’s worth the watch; plus, lunch on The Hill afterwards always makes up for anything you did not enjoy.


It is pretty awesome that while you’re in any of the cafeterias on Capitol Hill, you can run into political celebrities. Molly and I saw both of our Senators during lunch that day and casually walked by to try to talk to them as a dozen others swarmed around. We didn’t end up saying hi because of the crowd, but for those who get the opportunity, introduce yourselves to them because they love hearing from the future leaders of their state. I swear, days on The Hill are often my favorite because you never really know who you’ll run into!


New York, New York

This Place is Kind Of Incredible

Ok, so I talked about the whole "taking advantage of your location" thing, and going to New York City has been something I've had on my to-do list since my first day here. I’ve never been to NYC, but since DC is closer to it then Toledo,  I have been wanting to use that to my advantage. As with many other things, I kept telling myself I had plenty of time to plan the trip so I kept pushing it back; thankfully, my sister saved me from my procrastination, because she had a business trip planned to NYC and bought tickets for me to meet her there.


Turned out that her trip was cancelled, but I still had my ticket, so I thought, why not take advantage of it? I dragged along my best friends, and we explored New York City for the first time together. The food, the Broadway show and the shopping all blew me away; I officially fell in love with New York City.


So Glad I Experienced NYC With My Beautiful Best Friends (Irine & Kari)


To make the weekend even more perfect, two of my really good friends from home happened to be in the city too, so I got to see familiar faces. My friend Greg actually lives in New York City, so he served as a great tour guide and photographer throughout the day. I am almost positive that if it were not for him, we would have wandered aimlessly around the city for hours. He showed us all the neat spots, took us to the best little Chinese place and led us to the coolest art museum, ever. Successful does not even begin to describe my weekend, but I guess for now we will stick with that. Can't wait for my next stop.


An Art Museum With This View? I Think I'll Stay


We got back in at 3:30 am Monday morning. I work for two days this week, then am off to Pittsburgh to spend Thanksgiving with family friends. is going to be a busy couple of weeks, but I think it will definitely be a successful and adventurous couple of weeks; can’t wait to share!


Happy Turkey Day,

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