Of Whys and Wherefores

Of Whys and Wherefores

Well, faithful readers, it’s over. After squeezing as much as I could possible into my two suitcases, my computer case, and my backpack, I caught a flight back and am now typing this while looking out my window at the picturesque suburban Minnesota scenery before me.


As I was packing, I found mementos to my time here in Washington, D.C.: a playbill from the Kennedy Center, my signed books, my graded midterm exam (97% mom!), and more. It seems crazy to think that all of these things, these physical representations of the memories that I made in the capital span only a time period of ten weeks. It feels like I was there much longer. This is good because I’m pretty darn certain that it means I got my money’s worth in terms of memories and experiences. This is bad because I’m going to miss things, making parting bitter sweet.



What will I miss? You may be asking yourself that question right now, so I will answer it, true believers!  My goofy roommates and all of our inside jokes and references. Riding the metro, with its approachable surface simplicity and the underlying frustrations of a system that gets clogged every morning and afternoon and where every station has at least one escalator that is broken, closed, or undergoing maintenance. The occasional train whistles and police sirens outside my window as I tried to fall asleep. The ritual of saying hello to the concierge every time I left and came back. Shopping at Harris Teeter, and constantly referring to it as “Derek Jeter”. All of the talks and the conferences and the feeling of being in the hub of the industry where I want to work. There’s more than just that, but I think that does a good job of encapsulating my feelings towards Washington, D.C.


My final week was spent working on not only assignments for my portfolio for the Washington Center and two finals, but also saying goodbye to all sorts of people, taking in a few sights, and attempting to make our apartment look like it wasn’t inhabited by four young bachelors for over two months. I think that we succeeded.


The Washington Center taught me a lot, but more than that, it gave me the opportunity to teach myself. I was able to spend time in a city that is awash with sights, sounds, and opportunities. You just have to be willing to get out there and grab them. I’ve grown not only professionally, but personally from my time spent in Washington, D.C. and because of that I’m sure that the time that I’ve spent in the city will always be with me, like so many other formative memories. I left the capital surer of what I want to do with my life and how to best go about achieving it. I made friends, stories, and plans this summer, more than I think I would have if I had spent the summer anywhere else within reach.



So what’s next for this old soul? I’ll be relaxing, enjoying my all-too-brief brief return to my old stomping grounds before its back off to college for another thrilling semester! And after that? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?


So, until that fateful day, to you, faithful readers and true believers, I say this: go forth and do what you can, do what you must, and do what you will.

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