Of Developments and Dinosaurs

Of Developments and Dinosaurs

Welcome back, faithful reader! It’s been an even busier week than the last, so I hope you’re all buckled in and ready to delve back into the excitement of Washington, D.C.! After the adjustments of last week, it was looking like I just might be settling into a routine here in the capital, but nothing is routine in this city.

Following my own advice from last week, I had a whole smorgasbord of free things I wanted to do this week. During the week, I managed to couple my internship with attendance at two very exciting talks, one on the recent Pew Research data gathered on the ongoing events in the Ukraine at the Brookings Institution and one on Estonian digital governance at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. While both were amazing, the latter was of particular interest to me as, while I believe that the United States is the greatest country, Estonia is my personal favorite, so getting to hear about their way of doing things from real-live Estonians was a certain delight to me.



In addition to expanding my intellectual horizons through these talks, I also managed to develop myself professionally, growing familiar with the neighborhood of research and policy thinktanks around Dupont Circle and getting a greater understanding of how my future career in international relations might look. I also was contacted by the presidential campaigns of both Rick Santorum and Lincoln Chafee in regards to my being able to do work for them. Washington, D.C. is such an incredible city for making connections and developing into a professional to the point where even someone like me who didn’t have a lot of experience in that area prior to coming here is still managing to hit the ground running.

It wasn’t all working on making myself a more attractive candidate for future employers though!  I managed to do some exploring and took in two great movies, The Social Network at an outdoor screening in a park on Friday and the newer Jurassic World the following night at a movie theater less than ten minutes from my apartment.  I could wax poetic about both of those flicks, but I doubt that you’re here for movie reviews so I’ll simply say both were great and engaging in very different ways.



On a more edible front, I not only managed to run into a friend from high school here in the city, but we went out for waffles on Saturday morning at a little place called “Wicked Waffle”.  And wicked they were!  With a whole variety of options from breakfast to lunch to dessert waffles, it was no wonder that the restaurant was literally overflowing with customers.  I opted for a more traditional breakfast waffle of eggs, cheese, and sausage, but you can bet I’ll be going back to do further research on their creations.


Ryan’s Recs

The first one for this week is keep your eyes open! You never know what or who you’ll miss if you’ve got your headphones in and your phone out. Not only are there famous movers and shakers and maybe even some old acquaintances, but everyone in this city has a story from the musicians performing outside of the subway to the Jehovah’s Witnesses (a personal favorite of mine!) greeting people around the city. Engage with people, you’ll make some memories, learn things you didn’t know before, and maybe even make someone’s day in addition to your own.

On that note, utilize your roommates! Last week I was kind of a shut-in from getting adjusted to working, but this week I managed to engage with them, especially important with the addition of the fourth musketeer to our previous trio. We went to Jurassic World together, grilled out, and stayed up until three am on a Thursday night, all things that I treasure and wouldn’t trade for the world. Call it selfish, but chances are that you’re roommates are going to add some enjoyment to your life and vice-versa. Plus, who wants to spend ten weeks living with strangers instead of friends?


Until next time, remember that life finds a way.

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