Of Academics and Ant-Man

Of Academics and Ant-Man

Greetings, faithful readers! We’re really hitting the home stretch here, but rest assured, I’m not swinging from the rafters yet. No, instead today’s blog is going to be one of those more introspective ones. This is a head’s up so you still have time to go turn on the television and something. Okay? You’re still here? Good, then let’s dive in.


So, this week was a delightful one because of a thing called midterms. I’m a huge fan of schoolwork generally, just ask my mom. But while most people decide to limit their exposure to academia over the summer months, one twenty-year old male decided to do something a little different. You see, in addition to taking a class on U.S. foreign policy through the Washington Center, I also enrolled in a four week course on world history since 1750 through my home institution in Des Moines. Luckily the latter is online so I am not constantly shuttling between the Midwest and D.C., because that would just be crazy.


But don’t worry, true believer, there’s still some crazy to go around. See, both courses happened to sync up in a way that the midterms for each were this week. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s quite a lot to juggle an internship, studying for two classes, and the Washington Center’s additional programming. So instead of going to seminars on nuclear weapons and book signings, I was studying hard. These were my only friends Monday through Friday:



Luckily, I managed to survive, and even excel in my assignments, earning praise from both professors for my work on other assignments. We’ll see how the midterms turn out, but to take my mind off of things, I kicked back this weekend, taking in the new film Ant-Man with one of my roommates and some of his friends.



I don’t really find a lot to admire about most superhero moves made after Dark Knight and Iron Man capped off an era of morally deep and challenging superhero stories, but Ant-Man was a real hoot because it absolutely refused to take itself seriously for ninety percent of the movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable and with a little more artistic merit than Jurassic World, so that’s my pitch for the week.


In the coming week, it looks like there’s going to be a return to the usual model of seminars and talks with some more sightseeing and hopefully more of whatever is keeping you folks checking back week after week.


Ryan’s Recs

It can be really fun to meet new people on the metro, but after a certain hour, you should just give up on making friends and focus on getting home safely. Riding the metro back from Ant-Man, there was a man who urinated in the front of the car, some guys who pushed him out when he started flailing around, and a guy who was yelling about how the government was going to start set up concentration camps and none of us would stop it.  So, yeah, while the majority of people are lovely individuals, after about eight or nine at night, it just really isn’t wise to risk it, so travel in a group, or even a pair, when going out and about.


Work ahead on stuff! The Washington Center has all sorts of side-projects for you to work on like civic engagement, informational interviews, and more, and it can be a little scary if you fall behind on those when focusing on your schoolwork and internship site. So take a bit of time each weekend to tackle the things you think will be more time-consuming. Mile by mile life’s a trial, but inch by inch life’s a synch.


Until next time, true believers, remember a person’s a person no matter how small.

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