As told by a TWCer

As told by a TWCer

If you’ve been reading all my posts then I think you heard enough from me. While I would love for you to come and experience life in the District on your own, I thought it would be good to share some outsides perspectives on TWC. For this post I decided to interview other TWCers to ask them their personal accounts of their best and some of their worst experiences and I have compiled some of them for you here:

My BEST Experience was…


Playing Cards against humanity with coworkers and regular after hour socialization. I think it really brought me closer with my co-workers, and now I know who I can count on if I ever needed to couch surf if I came back to D.C.

I really liked the SMLS race relations session. Hearing the different questions brought up by various students with different perspectives was insightful. Especially because even after the session was over some people still wanted to discuss it further.

I really loved all the optional programming help by the Washington Center, especially because I made a few lifelong friends at one of the ice-cream socials.

My best experience here was finding out that brunch was a thing in D.C. I loved getting brunch and discovering bottomless mimosas at Tap and Parlour.

Trying Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken. I still don’t understand how they make such a delectable combination of the two. Oh and food trucks are the best.

Popping champagne and watching the fireworks from the rooftop on the fourth of July with my friends.

I really enjoyed my civic engagement volunteer experience. It gave me a whole new perspective on the homelessness issue and ways we can work towards solving the problem.

I got to go onto the Speakers balcony on Capitol Hill on the day of the Obergefell case. It was amazing to see how the community came together to celebrate equality.

Being able to study with other TWC students for the LSAT every other weekend motivated me to study. And we also would reward ourselves at the end of every study session with a round of drinks.

My preceptor at my internship site was very invested and active in helping me develop professionally and plan/prepare for graduate school.

The food. I loved the food. There was so much variety.

My internship because I now have a job.

Living in the city. I am from a rural town out in Pennsylvania and have never really lived in a city, but I loved it here. I think I might even move here after I graduate.


My WORST Experience was…


Getting shot at by a homeless person with an imaginary gun. It was definitely the weirdest experience I’ve ever had.

Was when someone hit my car while it was parked on the side of the street. Actually, I just think bringing my car here was a mistake. But you live, and you learn.

Was when I was thirty minutes late to work because of the Metro, but when I got there no one else was panicking. They already knew.

I got drenched from head to toe because I left my umbrella and had to walk four blocks and people could see through my shirt, it was really embarrassing. Also, it made for a really uncomfortable train ride home.

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