Olé, Olé, Olé

Olé, Olé, Olé

Another day, another item crossed off my bucket list. This past week I was able to go to an International Champions Cup game between two soccer superpowers, Barcelona and Chelsea. Although I am not a fan of either of those teams, as an ardent soccer fan, I was not going to turn down the opportunity to watch a potentially epic match-up.



The day of I headed to the game right after work. On the way watching countless Barcelona fans walking in the same direction towards the metro, in the same excitement and anticipation that I had. I wasn’t surprised to see the abundance of Barcelona jerseys. Mainly because there’s not a lot of places you can go and not find a Barca fan base. As I walked up to the stadium I just hoped that the last minute seats I booked weren’t completely terrible. Thankfully, they weren’t. Nevertheless, I had an amazing time and was able to catch this for you all, and by me I mean FOX Sports.

Despite Mourinho, Chelsea’s coach, claiming the match was to be a training session, neither the fans nor the teams played as such. As you can tell by the video. In an exciting but close contest which saw four goals, Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard both scored impressively and there was no shortage of quality action.

Interestingly enough, I also noticed that there was no differentiating between sections of Barcelona or Chelsea fans, as everyone was intermingled. Barcelona fans stood right next to their Blue jersey wearing friends. This made me realize how odd it must seem to these international teams to see the integration of fans. I think it speaks volumes about the culture of soccer in America and how soccer has a lot of growing to do stateside.


My fans and I on the way home


Also in other recent events, my friends and I decided to go neighborhood exploring, mostly for food, but we decided to wander in the neighborhoods and see what the hubbub was about. Our first stop, Chinatown. As we got off the metro the first thing we see is an acapella group singing on the side of the street. Not a bad start. We then moved on to look for a good spot to eat and were having a hard time doing so because there were so many options. We finally chose Matchbox, but mostly because of its fiery entrance. After a solid lunch we decided to see what Chinatown had to offer. Turns out 99% of Chinatown is American. In comparison to other Chinatowns I’ve been to, this one definitely falls short.



On another day of food searching, we decided to try out some places in Dupont. We first stopped by a cupcake shop and then to another restaurant for lunch. If you’re wondering why we had dessert before lunch, it’s simply because we can. After fueling up, we decided to explore Dupont. Personally, I really liked the neighborhood. I could definitely see myself living there. It is the perfect mix of city life with suburban living.  Even though this neighborhood has a lot of restaurants and bars nothing compares to the fact that there is also a Smoothie King across from the metro station. And that, my friends, if you do not already know is the best place to go for a Smoothie.



Until next time!

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