Jiggery-Pokery in Politics and Pizza

Jiggery-Pokery in Politics and Pizza

First let's talk some politics. As you're reading this you might not realize, but since the last time we've talked our nation as we know it has changed. I have been fortunate enough to witness history being made right from the center of it all. So what were these historical events you ask? Well, only the Supreme Court decision that declared marriage equality for all, and another in favor of the Affordable Care Act, preserving benefits for an estimated 6.4 million Americans. If that's not history being made, I don't know what is. The announcement of these decisions was met with paroxysms of happiness, anger, and even amusement. The amusement part coming mostly from Scalias 47 page dissent asserting that the court employed jiggery-pokery. However, for others, this was the best week they've had all year.


Politics aside for a second, through this I learned something that was intriguing, and deep down in my heart I wished I could be a part of it. It is a tradition well known to Washingtonians, it’s known as the Running of The Interns. For those of you who are unware, let me enlighten you on this cherished tradition. When the Supreme Court hands down a groundbreaking ruling opinions get issued on paper, and the fastest way to get them in the hands of the news correspondents about to go live on national television is by foot. Buzzfeed explains it best here.


There are many perks to living in the District. One of which is being able to see things happen first hand. Apart from watching the Court’s decisions, I was able get free tickets to see Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. She made her campaigning debut at a Democratic Rally at the Patriot Center at George Mason University in Fairfax. Outside of hearing the presidential candidate speak, I was also able to hear from many Virginia officials including the Governor Terry McAuliffe and others.


On The Hill

This week for my internship, I was able to represent my organization at a briefing on the Hill. As a Public Policy and Politics track with a special interest in health policy, this opportunity was perfect for me. And I found out that there was free lunches provided, so that’s always a plus. Unfortunately, for me, when I got there all the lunches were gone! All that was left was some delicious water. Lesson learned. Apparently if you want the lunch, you have to go at least 30 minutes prior to the start time. The briefing itself was on the ACA. It examined coverage trends, who has gained coverage and who remains uninsured, and why those uninsured individuals have not obtained coverage.



Since I wasn’t able to get the food, I decided to get lunch at the Senate office building cafeteria building which was where the briefing was held. The food was not only delicious but cheap compared to everywhere else I have eaten in DC so far. In any case, in my mind this week could not get any better, but I was wrong.


Yes, I Love Food

My week got better, I mean, in terms of food. One of my recent excursions to the Hill has made me aware of a new treasure. It’s called We the Pizza. The pizzas here are nowhere close to being ordinary. If you’re a pizza lover, you must try it. Although this doesn’t do it justice, here’s a picture:


And here's some amazing dessert that I had later in the week:


Some other recommendations for good eats in the District include:

  • Busboys and Poets
  • Wise Guys Pizza
  • Grand Trunk (Indian food): most creative ambience. The only time you’ll ever get to walk on TVs
  • Melt Shop
  • Bistrot du Coin

Stay tuned. Next week I'll talk about celebrating America's Birthday.





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