District, Here I come!

District, Here I come!

A well-known author and government reformer Samuel Smiles once said, “An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.” In this post, I am going to talk about my internship hunting experience and the time spent in anticipation of the day I travel to the District.


Hi! My name is Obed, and I am a senior majoring in Public Health with a pre-med track from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in (as you might have guessed) North Carolina. While I am interested both in public health and in medicine, the union of my interests in the two fields far exceeds their intersection. I am also a part-time fitness lover and a full-time food enthusiast (so there’ll definitely be a lot of talk about food, amongst other things).


Many months ago, sometime close to December, I began my search for internships. I was determined to find one that would fit in exactly with my future goals and aspirations.  After several days of sifting through web page after web page, I had found several that had matched my interests. One of the first ones that I had found that caught my attention was The Washington Center. It caught my attention for two main reasons: academic credit availability and the fact that I could potentially intern anywhere in D.C. Fast forward several months to the day I got my acceptance into the program. I was ecstatic, and I even shed a tear. However, The Washington Center (TWC) was not the only acceptance I had gotten. So, now it was decision time. Eventually after weighing the pros and cons, I decided to choose TWC. Ever since then I have not regretted it.


TWC’s promise of finding me substantive and exciting internship options was more than true. Through The Washington Center, I was able to find an internship with the National Hispanic Medical Association. NHMA is an organization that works with both the public and private sectors by empowering physicians and other leaders to pioneer efforts to improve the health of Hispanic and other underserved populations. And they do all this on the national level. I knew that by doing my internship with NHMA I would have endless networking opportunities, all of my major interests matched, as well as an engaging environment. After being offered an internship position, I accepted without hesitation.


Now, as the days to my departure draw near I have several things to look forward to. All of these things I have combined to call them my only-in-D.C. experiences. In anticipation, and in the free two weeks I have left (apart from my Netflix binging), I’ve been creating a bucket list of things that I would like to do in the city. Here’s a sneak peek into my compilation of my prospective only-in-D.C. experiences:


•    Jazz in the Gardens

•    NoMa Summer Screen

•    Take a tour of 4 neighborhoods

•    Visit the Washington Harbour

•    Take in a Nats game


However, while just thinking about the list gets me excited, I am also thrilled to take part in the Lead Colloquium which includes a variety of programming activities including small group discussions, civic engagement projects, and professional track related activities, etc. I am looking forward to all of these activities to compliment my internship experience by strengthening my skills, expanding my understanding of issues and building my professional capabilities. While I do not know yet the actual content of the programming, I trust that the Washington Center will be nothing less than exceptional, plus I like surprises.


As I continue to wait in anticipation, all I can hope for is that at the end of the summer I will have finished my internship, and have all of my possibilities that I had originally wished for be transformed into realities. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for adventures, and stories from the District!


Until Next Time,


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