You Can Sleep When You're Dead

You Can Sleep When You're Dead

This is the motto I urge you to live by, because your time here in D.C. (and life in general) is fleeting, so make the most of it! I know it is tempting to stay inside after a long day at work, or to skip social interaction because of that 7 am alarm - but what's the point of this then? D.C. has so much to offer, from unique food, people, and activities that go on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  So live it up before you're rushing to complete all the things on your bucket list with a few weeks to go.


10 miles later

The question for this past week wouldn't be what did I do, but what DIDN'T I do. Seriously, I walked so much that it burned holes into my shoes. Though it may have been a lot of work and I felt like a tourist in this city, it was worth every moment. So what exactly happened? Well it started off with last Sunday, the beginning of the week and a time for relaxation and homework - right?


Yeah, my roommates & I didn't think so either, so we headed to a local pup and painted!

Just your average Van Goghs (but with both ears)


Nothing quite like starting the week off with a glass (or bottle) of wine & a Groupon purchase of paint night.


Advocacy Track

I had the amazing opportunity and pleasure to visit the Human Rights Campaign Headquarters here in D.C., and learn all about their strides as a company, their next steps with the LGBT community, and watch a powerful video about how little has changed in the world regarding these issues. It is startling and hard for me to watch human beings being neglected and denied basic human rights, but that's what this summer is about, learning how I can change the world one step at a time regarding issues such as these. If you are unfamiliar of who they are or what they do, go check them out here, and it'll change your world.



My boyfriend decided to visit me this weekend, and of course we had to do the obligatory tourist-y stuff, but since he had been here several times before, we got to explore D.C. in the way we like.


See, we love to travel, together usually, and when we do we always find this hole in the wall restaurant or shop that makes our stay so much better. We found several of these, but this will be on my (hopefully) next blog dealing with food in the area!


Waking up early to beat the rush, we headed to Arlington Cemetery, because boys = war stuff, amiriggght ladies?


Though it was hours of walking, it was a sight to behold. There's something powerful of being surrounded by those who fought, and died, for our freedom. If you haven't checked out this place yet, it's a must for every American.


Old Town, VA

I work in Alexandria, Virginia, so I know quite a bit about Old Town. It's a charming pace to visit, with picture perfect scenery, cobblestone roads, and rated top 10 most romantic places to visit while in D.C. There are tons of shops, bars, and water front views in this lovely city, so take a metro ride on the blue or yellow line to King Street, where the jazz never ends and the nights are always young.

(There is also a free trolley that will bring your around, so take advantage of that!)


National Harbor, Maryland

Just a hop, skip, and a water boat taxi ride away from Old Town is the National Harbor, with the famous Ferris Wheel and secluded dining areas. I can now say that I've been to 3 "states" in one day, and that's impressive. If you have a weekend where you just want to get away from all the monuments and Midwest tourists, this is the place to go.



Life in the Gardens

I swear I go to Jazz in the gardens almost every Friday, another must for any of you TWC'ers. The sangria alone is worth it, but get there early, and bring blankets & friends.

Small Town to City Slickers real fast


....and finally, what's an average weekend without crossing something off my bucket list? We headed to the Natural History Museum and looked at some pretty neat stuff! Though some of it was creepy and too life-like for my liking, it was a pleasure to run around the museum with my partner in crime while imitating the sculptures and behaving like middle schoolers.


thinking about trading Colt in and dating this guy.


Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Cliche title of going to the zoo here. After a weekend of endless activities, you would think I'd be dead tired and wouldn't want to do anything on a lazy Sunday afternoon, right?


Yeah, you're right. But glance at the title, take a quick nap, chug an espresso, and get going! I couldn't pass up this opportunity, because this zoo isn't like the one back home for me - it has PANDAS.

He was gnawing on ice, and I about died of cuteness overload.


So as these next weeks go by, think about what life will be like once you're home and back in your comfort zone. Will you regret not doing something, or staying in too much? Maybe, but at least try and experience what D.C. has to offer before you go back to reality, and wasn't there a saying that went too mainstream and was overused by middle schoolers everywhere?


Oh yeah,


- Megan


P.S: Though the zoo had cheetahs, elephants, and other exotic animals, only I would rush to the petting zoo to see my favorite animal. Meet Iris, the goat who loves playgrounds.

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