Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Fourth of July Weekend

Does no one else share my love of being in D.C. for the nation's birthday? How many people can really say that? Heck, people from other countries come here to celebrate with us, so you know it's a big deal. It may not be my favorite holiday, but I couldn't help but get in the spirit and smile at every obscene and overly patriotic shirt I saw, and fist bump random people who were celebrating with tequila at 10am. Everyone loves a good show, and from a concert to a parade and the finally bang at night, D.C. did not disappoint, and neither did Barry Manilow (swoon). I mean, he did sing Let Freedom Ring in D.C a few years ago. I was days out of the hospital, wincing in pain every time someone touched me, but it was fourth of July in D.C., and I was not about to miss it. My roomies and I took on the heat, the rain, and the tourists to experience a once in a life time opportunity.

Country Twang & City Soul

Did you know that they hold a pre-concert for the D.C. area to enjoy the music without all the hundreds of thousands of people? Well, they do and it was awesome. The music was amazing with some great bands, Alabama, KC and the Sunshine Band, Barry Manilow, and Hunter Hayes just to name a few - we danced and sang along without the crowds and without the rain. Thank goodness we decided to hit it up, because the 4th was dreary and the concert had been delayed due to thunderstorms, and no one likes to stand in the mud.

Our view of the concert, and even though Hunter Hayes didn't say hi, we know he noticed us

The next day started off with a bang, literally, with nonstop firecrackers and mini booms crackling throughout the NoMa area. People really love their fireworks don't they? Trying hard to not damage my ear drums, I headed to find a perfect spot for the parade. Luckily, my roommate went ahead and we scored some killer seats at the start of it, where we could sit and relax as thousands cheered for the drumlines and Smokey the Bear balloon. This parade was longer than any other I have ever been to (my hometowns 4th of July lasts maybe 20 minutes), but the sun was out of sight so we sat back and watched the magic happen.

Let's bring back this look, shall we?

Like a Plastic Bag

Katy Perry's song Firework comes to mind every time the fireworks go off, and luckily I was able to catch the view from the top of Flats thanks to some friends who live there. It was foggy, far away, and I didn't capture that Instagram worthy photo, but with the energy on the rooftop and the amount of red, white and blue that would make any fashion magazine want to vomit, the patriotism was there. That "aha" moment you get when you realize you're in the nation's capital, celebrating freedom, surrounded by citizens chanting USA a hundred times. All the history the area has, the people that have celebrated before us; it was mind blowing for me, and it was a privilege to be able to be here to be a part of it.


Let's go to the Beach, Let's go get Away

Have I made too many pop star song lyric references? Probably, but Nicki Minaj always has a song that can be relevant to my life (you know it's true).

After a long week of recovering from the 4th, a much needed beach day was in order. Who knew that in order to get to a wonderful beach it would take 3+ hours to get there, and in Delaware no less? I grew up on a lake and 20 minutes from Grand Haven on Lake Michigan, so it was surprising that my own friends had rarely gone or even seen a beach. That just did not sit well with me, and so we went.

There is nothing quite like sipping a smoothie, listening to the seagulls, hearing the waves, and smelling the salt water (or maybe it was the salt water taffy), while the sun beats down. The beach is an escape from the city, from reality, and the pressing fear of hospital bills and student loans (which every nightmare consists of). It was a much needed mini vacation, full of good food, great location, and amazing company.

Who knew Delaware had this gem hidden?


Now it has been a little over a week since the 4th, yet some people are still shooting off firecrackers. Here's hoping that people look at a calendar and I can actually get some sleep this week! Hopefully you all had an equally amazing 4th of July, and by all of you I mean my parents and maybe the 2 other people who think my life is interesting enough to read :-)

- Megan

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