Grey's Anatomy : D.C Style

Grey's Anatomy : D.C Style

Now, for the experience of D.C. that I didn't want, but needed

Early Sunday morning, I was rushed to the ER for an emergency surgery due to my appendix bursting, and was there for several days. So if you ever find yourself in need of some medical attention or just like to stare at cute doctors, head to George Washington Hospital (conveniently located at the foggy bottom metro). You will be waited on hand and foot for all your basic needs, and be provided with comfortable bedding, even though you may be experiencing excruciating pain as I was. Amidst all the unbearable pain and casual passing out, I would always wake up at a doctor or nurse staring down at me, never McDreamy, but scrubs certainly look good on some men (don't tell me boyfriend I said that).


The Do's and Do Not's at the Hospital

While staying at any hospital, remember to remain courteous, be a patient patient (play on words, ha) and remember there are others in need of help.



  • Say please and thank you, as it may earn you extra Jell-O at your meals (unfortunately not Jell-O shots, but still)
  • Take your medication and bare the pain of getting hundreds of needle poking into your arms
  • Be ready at any moment to have a doctor bust in your room and interrupt your nap time


  • Argue with room partner about the channel (I want to watch Family Feud 24/7 don't judge me)
  • Complain about the food. You're in the hospital, it is as good as it's gonna get.

  • Steal the gloves and make balloons to entertain you, they generally don't like that
  • Expect that Obama will come in personally to say how sorry he is, since you're in D.C. and he's always available for a handshake

It was a learning experience that I hope none of you ever have to deal with. The one thing that made it worse was the fact that none of my friends or family were there when I woke up, and it would have been nice to not be there alone and unaware of the area. Especially since TWC was like, "Hey see ya," and I had no real way of getting back to the RAF while doped up on morphine. Luckily, I had some amazing roommates and friends who offered to help me and Uber me home, as well as make me sponge bob macaroni and cheese (though I hadn't really been able to eat food for like, 5 days. Appendicitis sucks).

Before the "Incident"

Before I had my little hospital visit, my roommate and I actually went down to the Supreme Court on Friday to celebrate with our fellow human beings on the recent new law of gay marriage. We were there, seeing history being made. I cannot even put the feeling and energy into words, and am truly excited to see where the future takes us. How many people can say they were in D.C. when this monumental decision had been made?


So as the 4th of July is coming up, I hope to get out of bed rest and explore something different that won't potentially make my condition worse while still making the most of the holiday, so until next time!

Me on morphine. Thinking about making it my LinkdIn profile pic

A pic of me on morphine. Look for it as my new LinkedIn profile picture

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