Farewell D.C.

Farewell D.C.

Welp, 10 weeks flew by (as I knew they would) and here I am, updating my last blog in an airport somewhere in Missouri due to a layover - the worst part about traveling.


The last week went by faster than I thought it would, simply because I had been alone for most of it, but my brother came and kept me company (and brought some of my luggage back, thanks bro!), and I got to sight see my favorite parts of D.C. for one last time this summer, and look at the museums that I had procrastinated with.



Out Of This World

The Air and Space Museum was OUT OF THIS WORLD...ha...ha...but really. It was amazing to see the technology created and the things that we have accomplished as humans. My brother and I even did all the stimulations that involved space and though they were a bit pricey, they were totally worth it. Check out this place, as it will entertain anyone from age 8 to 80 for hours on end.



Closing Time

The song Closing Time comes to mind while cleaning up the apartment and packing at 3 am; an end to an adventure, but not necessarily the end of it all. Everyday is a new chance to explore something new, meet interesting people, and create lasting memories. D.C. and I may not have agreed with everything (the Metro, need I say more? Do you ever actually run on time?) but for the most part I had the time of my life. I learned a lot of things about myself, such as my limits in the workplace, social skills, and stress levels - and pushed myself to overcome them. I began to grow as an intellectual, an employee, and as a person (all thanks to my amazing supervisor Ashley Speaks at Carpenters Shelter & my L.E.A.D. advisor Emily: you guys rock).


That being said, your time here is ever fleeting, as it is in life in general, so make the most of it. Whether it be in D.C., in college, or at work; make every minute count. Take the chance to meet new people, go to an event you never would have before coming to D.C., and talk to every person you meet. Find out their story, because it may be a part of yours. So many people from the panels and meetings I've had told of a similar thing: Just one person and one conversation had made a huge impact on their life. Some have unknowingly talked to major CEO's at News Magazines, becoming editor in chief to Foreign Politics, others have met the loves of their life (looking at you fellow TWC interns who don't want to be named). It certainly is all about "who you know" in this city, but it's more of who you meet that make defining moments of your life. Don't let that opportunity pass you by!


So take this time to find out who you are and how you can push yourself to be a better person all around. Come here with a list of activities to do, places to see, challenges to face and you'll thank yourself in the end. Make every minute count, because like I said, these 10 weeks go by real fast, so make the most of it!


I look forward to awkwardly networking with you all in the future, but if you wish to contact me with questions, concerns, or are generally interested in my whereabouts feel free via email (kelloggm@mail.gvsu.edu).


Until then,

Megan Kellogg


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