Cause I'm all alone...Theres no one here beside me

Cause I'm all alone...Theres no one here beside me

In the wise words of Donkey from the movie Shrek - I'm feeling quite alone. Being a quarter term student, I don't leave D.C. until Aug. 15, whereas my roommates left Aug.8.


All of them.

So, being able to sing as loud as I want and practice cooking without the fear of the alarm waking everyone up does have its perks- but it does feel surreal being in this large apartment without my roommates busting in with a new adventure idea or a random movie night. It may have only been two days, but I already miss them. Cue sad sappy Hallmark movie.


Luckily, there are multiple people on the third floor of the RAF who are also quarter students, so we all got together and decided to make the most of it complete with board games, polaroid picture candid's, and pool parties that annoyed actual residents (it helped that most of the interns were gone, so we had the pool to ourselves).


Someone brought a pool football and we played Keep Away for hours


Adventure Time!

Even though I love sightseeing with people, there's something comforting in being able to do it alone. To have thoughts to yourself, wander whenever you want to, and to actually take in the moment. So I ventured the D.C. area again, making a few new pit stops along the way.


Reppin that 616 GVSU on Obamas Birthday #swag


Another day, Another dollar

Though this phrase has usually been my motivation to wake up at 7 am back home, here in D.C. I'm actually wasting my money on the metro to get from A to B - but the experience is totally worth it (no really, it is!) Sadly, this is the last week at Carpenters Shelter and Sasha Bruce Youthworks, so each of the organizations took me out for some quality co-worker bonding time to end the term.


Anyone else thought that "Adams Morgan" was a bar? No?


8th street in style


Speaking of 8th street

Get off at Eastern Market and see all the bizarre restaurants, artists, and musicians make their way down the street. Sit under the trees or at a coffee shop to people watch in this unique place, just a 30 minute walk from the RAF! I certainly enjoyed my time here volunteering, but the sights made it so much better. So take care to find all the different streets and communities that lay outside the usual tourist-y city!


Capitol Hillbillies - they brought a piano and everything


As the end is near, I hope to make the most of my D.C. experience before heading back to the Midwest- until next time!

- Megan


One "Jumbo Slice" in Adams Morgan is


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