Around the World in 68 miles

Around the World in 68 miles

I suggest you eat before reading this, as my stomach began grumbling half way through.


Food in D.C. isn't hard to find, but it is expensive to search for the perfect cuisine. What if it's Tuesday night around 10 and you're craving Chinese? What's the best delivery place? Or if your family comes to visit and you're expected to have the best options available?


Well fellow interns, I have the answers for you. These past weeks have been filled with both amazing food from all over the world, as well as food I wouldn't be paid to eat again. Let's travel around the world, in the span of D.C.


Do you ever crave a really good burger? Or maybe the urge to show your patriotism is reflected through your appetite? Well, luckily for you TD Burger is right across from the RAF, with prices you can't match, burgers named after Presidents, and karaoke nights. How much more American can you get?


I'm all Obama myself ...ha...ha...okay


Another great place to eat at is Johnny Rockets in the Union Station; but be warned. Go at a time where people waiting for the train are scarce, or else you may end up waiting for over an hour for a plain cheeseburger. Think Steak n Shake, but not as good (But the malt is to die for).


Finally, if you're feeling burgers in an interesting atmosphere, check out Elephant & Castle, a British themed restaurant and get the Poutinerie!




Who doesn't need a great Chinese takeout place? Panda has been the best in my opinion, with order & delivery less than 20 minutes. The food may be subpar, but it is delivery, and it lasted for days while being relatively cheap.




My one and only love, I have yet to find a sushi place in D.C that I can go to without breaking the bank. Luckily, Harris Teeter sells rolls, and I have been able to save money while having somewhat excellent sushi for cheap.



Mai Thai and Cafe Asia are in Alexandria, but I'm sure they deliver - for a price. Nevertheless, I can eat Thai every day of the week and never tire from it, but these were my favorite spots.



Old Town, VA has some amazing options for seafood, as it is right on the river. Try the Chart House (but be sure to get a reservation before). Being able to sit on a balcony while digging into some lobster bisque as seagulls fly ahead is very cathartic, or at least it was to me. The free bread from the dinner was a plus.


Took this pic mid bite, so it isn't aesthetically pleasing



Who doesn't like a good Zagat rating? Down in Georgetown there is an amazing place that is quaint and secluded, if you want to have some alone time with some tasty food. Try out II Canali and get hooked.




One word: Paul

This place is to die for. With a Starbucks right down the road, my friend and I almost missed it, but luckily we decided to try something different. The bread is so fresh, and the pastries leave you wanting more. I'm making this out to be the best place on Earth, but with prices so cheap and food so great, it was a win-win. It also helped that my friend actually knew someone who works at the Paul in France, and was able to help me order something I'd actually want to eat. I suggest the avocado and turkey on a baguette.




I found my new favorite food this past week, and I'm so upset I didn't take advantage of having Indigo right down the street from me. Take care though - order mild and have lots of water on hand! You won't be sweating just because of the heat with these dishes.




My least favorite type of food, as I only ever get quesadillas, but Aleros Restaurant had a great selection of drinks to entice me (the food wasn't do bad either).


Food Trucks

When you think of D.C., you think of food trucks. Or...maybe you don't but that's because you don't realize the impact this franchise has on us. You can't escape them! Any street you turn on, when you're getting the urge to scarf down practically anything, there are 5 or 10 food trucks lined up to please you. What isn't so pleasing is the line itself.


So I jumped in the smallest line and grabbed some food and had an interesting experience.

1) Falafel's just aren't my thing



2)Ethiopian food, surprisingly enough, is



Alcoholic Beverages

Now, if you're like me and happen to indulge in the finer things in life - then D.C. has some great drinking places for you. Granted, only those legal should read this but it's still a good reference point for later- right?



Finding good beer in this city is really really hard. Like, really. The closest thing I got to having a good beer was at a British restaurant - ant that's saying something. (Elephant & Castle). Nevertheless, Guinness never disappoints



A very light beer in my opinion, but very good



Girly Drinks

I'm a girl and I will sip my martini gosh darn it!

My favorite thing is trying what a bartender likes to make the most. It gets the bartenders attention and usually you get a free drink if you converse easily and have basic human communication skills. If you're up for some great mixed drinks, head to Old Town and try Jackson 20!


Bohemian nights & mojito


Got these babies at Aleros: Fruit punch & Strawberry Daiquiri


Iced Teas & Mimosas

Brunch anyone? A must while in D.C. ( I swear, some people are practically in a cult with this idea) and drinks to go with. Head to Bistro D'OC, and indulge



One thing I'd like to point out is how often people call me out for saying pop. I've had people stare at me, laugh, and even call me endearing due to this slur. I've literally never said soda in my life and cringe when I hear it. It's pop people!


Breakfast Foods

If you're like me and need to satisfy the Leslie Knope inside of you, head to Lincolns waffles shop for some breakfast (but most importantly, waffles).



French toast:

Busboys & Poets: A library themed restaurant next to a farmers market. SAY WHAT? It was my idea of heaven.


Just look at that thick French toast...mmmhmhmhm



Cupcakes galore!

Now, do not immediately think of Georgetown or D.C. cupcakes - please stay away from these over priced culinary snobs. Instead, head to Baked & Wired for cupcakes the size of your face and for the same price.

You can thank me later.




Kevin Bacon came to the Sugar Shack in July, donated donuts to Carpenters Shelter, and stole a piece of my heart. Those donuts though, changed my life. They are the perfect combination of gooey and firm, while having the taste that other places can never seem to achieve.




Ice Cream

This heat can't be beat without it. Any station will do, and if you're lucky some will throw in an extra scoop for free. Try POPs or an ice cream truck for the best result




No day is complete without Coffee.

This is the same place as Busboys & Poets, but delicious enough to post again. I mentioned that it was like heaven right? (the cappuccino ain't too shabby either).



Places to go that I couldn't

There's only so much time in this city, as well as money for it.


Check out Eastern Market, We the Pizza, and Roses on 8th street- I've heard great things about all three!

Also, the Union Market has some great coffee and tea selections as well, but don't stay for too long or else your mind will go crazy. There are so many different restaurants in there that it is impossible to smell anything, but still, go


Places that I went that you shouldn't

Stay clear from sketchy alleyway diners, Bens Chili Bowl (If I wanted a 49 cent can of chili, I wouldn't have paid $14), and food chains. You're in D.C where the options are endless, so take advantage of the unique perspective and change up your taste buds!

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