Week 9 - The Final Countdown

Week 9 - The Final Countdown

*Cue inspirational music and, if you have seen Arrested Development, picture Gob Bluth dancing*


This week was packed with fun memories, and I cannot believe this internship program is coming to an end. I knew it would fly by, but I didn't know I would be so sad to say goodbye to all of the people I have met here, both in and out of my internship.


I did some fun things this week in D.C., and in Baltimore for a night. My week consisted of The Good, The Fun and The Hot moments!


The Good

The week started (this time on Sunday) with my friends and I putting our tourist shoes back on and visiting the Jefferson memorial at the national mall. I have only been to the memorial once before, and it was as beautiful and inspiring as ever.


View of the Jefferson Memorial from the paddle boats


It was a warm, beautiful day, and the water looked so fun that my friends and I rented paddle boats and paddled across the basin to look at both the Jefferson and the Washington monuments. We had a blast and the view was great from the water, as you can see.


Myself (not paddling most of this time)


Not everyone visiting the monument had all day to just sit on the steps of the monument like we did. It was very relaxing to hang out on the steps with my friends and enjoy the day.


The Fun!

I met my family in Baltimore on Friday night to see the Tigers lose to the Orioles. I am a fan of both teams, but my family was supporting the Tigers that night.


(Left) My view of the stadium (right) My family and I leaving the park


The game was so much fun, and it was my first baseball game all summer! I have been so eager to experience D.C., I forgot about visiting Baltimore this summer. This game was worth the metro ride.


The Hot

Sunday was a hot, sunny day, and I spent much of it playing outside with a few of my friends. We drove over to the mall again, to play Frisbee with DC United. Most of us did not play with them, however, because we are not that great at sports, let alone ultimate Frisbee.



It was great to get outside and play on the grass between the Capital and the Washington Monument. There was music outside, and we played for hours. It was hot, but we had too much fun to stop.


My friend Robbie (in white) killing it on the field


After Frisbee, we walked over to the Air and Space Museum to see a show at the Planetarium. The half hour show was called Dark Universe, and it was incredible! I was not prepared for such an experience. I highly recommend seeing a show at the Planetarium.


Well, that's it. Like I said, it was a great way to spend the week before the final days in D.C. Don't forget to read my next and final blog! Gracias!

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