Week 8 -

Week 8 -

With only two weeks left, I am trying to finish a lot of classwork, experience new things in the city, and spend time with my friends. I can not believe my time here in D.C. is almost at an end, and I am trying to do everything I hoped to do before I must leave.


It was been a crazy, fun-filled week, and here are the highlights of the Sunny, the Jazzy, and the Patriotic moments:


The Sunny

This week has been very beautiful, with little humidity and blues skies. My roommates and I spent some time on Tuesday and Saturday evening at the pool, trying to get in some sunshine before the day ended.


Hannah, Becca, and myself at the Flats pool


I also took a minute to walk over to the food trucks on Thursday, and had some delicious Mediterranean food for lunch. There were at least ten food trucks lined up long the sidewalk next to the flats that afternoon.




The food was so good, I hope I get to frequent the food trucks more often. Also, I recommend watching the film, "Chef," if you are interested in food trucks. :)


The Jazzy

On Friday evenings, the Sculpture Garden holds," Jazz in the Garden," a free event. I have never been to this event before, and I was greeted by hundreds of people, some of which were dancing, such as the couple below:


A pair of (very talented) salsa dancers at Jazz in the Garden


The salsa band, "Sin Miedo," played in the Garden this evening, and filled the entire area with their fun, lively music. Many people sat on blankets with their friends, and shared sangria pitchers that were being sold at the event.




The band was very talented, and their music made my friends and I want to dance the whole time. I had such a great time at this event, and I can not wait to again next Friday.


The Patriotic

After the Salsa music, I took the metro down to the Marine Barracks to watch the Marine Parade. A family friend was leaving the Marines, and this was to be his last parade, so his family and family friends were invited to see it with him.


The entrance to the Marine Barracks


The parade lasted all night, and consisted of performances by the Marine marching unit and the silent drill team. It was an honor to have seen these two groups perform, and with such a close-up view!


The Marines marching unit inside the Barracks


We also saw the mascot bulldog, Chesty, and watched as the flag was lowered. It was a fantastic, unforgettable evening, and I was so honored to be able to attend.


Those were the highlights of my week, thank you for reading!

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