Week 7 - Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Week 7 - Big Wheels Keep on Turnin'

Hello friends, and welcome back!


I had a wonderful and exciting week, so let me tell you all about the Lazy, the Sweet, and the Thoughtful moments I had :)


The Lazy

I went on vacation this weekend, and met my family three hours away at Bethany Beach, Delaware! I came returned to D.C. on Tuesday, and started work again on Wednesday. It was great to sink my toes in the sand for a few days!


My family and I relaxing and enjoying Bethany Beach


Being from Maryland, I can not stay away from the beach. My family booked our vacation at a beach house we have rented in the past, and it is about a minute walk from the beach and down the street form the boardwalk (a dream house, in other words). We had an amazing time, and it was great to see my family again.


The Sweet

TWC asks us to do one informational interview with someone in our field of interest, and I met someone for an interview at the Tynan coffee shop. They have delicious coffee, smoothies, drinks, and breakfast food.


The coffee shop near my apartment in NoMa


Another great thing about D.C. is that you can find all different kinds of interesting coffee shops (other than starbucks!) every where you look. Tynan is so close (located right around the corner form the Flats), and I love to meet my friends here.


The Thoughtful

On Friday, TWC students attended another Simpson-Mineta Leader Series, at Howard University. We sat and listened to Michael Eric Dyson give his insight and viewpoint on the race relations in America today.


My friends and I (front row) at the Blackburn Center, Howard University


The talk was very interesting and thought-provoking. Many TWC students had very intriguing questions, which prompted some engaging discussion during the event.


Moving day:

Another interesting day in my week was Saturday. My co-worker told me last week she needed a driver to help move some used furniture into to her new apartment. I offered my help, realizing that I would be driving a U-Haul truck around the D.C. area all day (about 4-5 hours); a city in which I have never driven a car.


It was an exhausting, (resume-worthy) experience! Driving a truck in D.C. was not too difficult, but the traffic was painful. I got out of it alive, however, and Caroline and I had a fun time driving around together.


Thanks again for reading, and please be sure to read my next blog post!

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