Week 5 - Stars & Stripes

Week 5 - Stars & Stripes

The program is about halfway through now, and it is shocking how fast it has gone by. I have made some truly great friends while here in D.C., and I do not want the summer to end.


I will go over the Delicious, the Charitable, and the Patriotic moments of my week. Spoiler: I went home for the weekend to celebrate Independence Day with my family in Maryland.


The Delicious

The second weekly family dinner took place in my apartment on Monday. This is a time where some of the friends I have made come cook dinner for my roommates and I. We assist and pitch in for the food, but the boys, shown below, pretty much do all of the cooking (actually Nick F. and Matt do most of the cooking).


Second Photo: Nick F., Hunter, Matt and Nick


These guys love to cook, and we love to eat, so our friendship has been a mutual relationship. They are among some of the many wonderful people I have met during the summer.


The Charitable

As a part of our graduation requirements, I must complete a certain amount of community service hours throughout the internship. This week, I volunteered at the NoMa Summer Screen, which is a free, 13-week outdoor film series held every Wednesday.


Me, helping out other booths and drying chairs to be used by guests

I spent these two hours welcoming guests, handing out glow sticks and cleaning or drying chairs and tables used by NoMa Summer Screen. I got play with the kids' toys (to help show them off ), and watch the movie as well. "Grease" was screening this Wednesday.


The Patriotic

The weekend was Independence Day, and I went home to Ellicott City, Md. to spend it with my family and friends. My neighborhood gathered at my house for dinner and to wait until the fireworks show began.



Top: Me, brother, and sister with our dog Buddy
Bottom: Fireworks at my house


The show was amazing, and we had fun all night. My family and I look forward to this day all year, because everyone has such a good time. It was great to see my family, too.


The fireworks show on the mall 
Photo Credit: Hannah Dobie


My roommate, Hannah, saw the fireworks show at the national mall along with hundreds of others. She said they were beautiful and that it was a really fun night.

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