Week 4 - Featuring Becca Mellor

Week 4 - Featuring Becca Mellor

Hi everyone! The fourth week of the TWC program has flown by faster than any other week thus far. I am delighted to tell you all about the Good, the New and the (yet again) Colorful.


The Good

The weather has been unpredictable this summer to say the least. It rains almost every day, whether it is just a few sprinkles or a monsoon. My commute is about an hour long, whereas my roommate's commute is 15 minutes at most. Yes, it can be draining, but during my commute I get to see a lot of the city, and it is beautiful.


The sidewalk I use to get to the bus stop.


One of my favorite things about DC is that it has huge trees and vegetation everywhere you look, even though it is a crowed city. My walk to the bus stop is one example of the beautiful scenery I get to enjoy every day.


The New

There are a lot of new events held in D.C. every day... and on Sunday the Embassy of India hosted the First International Day of Yoga at the National Mall. My roommate Becca and my friend Erica sat on the lawn in front of the Washington Monument with their yoga mats (well, Becca borrowed my mat) and practiced the art of mediation in the early morning.


Becca (Left) and Erica meditating in front of the Washington Monument


Becca said the event had a great turnout and that it was "cool to be a part of something that was happening all over the world." They listened to several ambassadors speak at the event, and she said she felt a level of interconnectedness. I wished I had attended this unique event, but I am sure I will have more time to experience other cultural events.


The Colorful

A day in history was made this Friday, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing same-sex marriage across the nation. After they announced the ruling, a few of my friends joined me as I walked down a few blocks to the courthouse and  took some pictures of all the people who also stopped by that day.


The United States Supreme Court Building after the same-sex marriage decision.


The scene was tranquil and quiet, and some people stood around to hand out blue LGBT flags and red marriage equality flags. It was pretty cool to be in D.C. that day.


See you guys next week!

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