Week 3

Week 3

Bienvenidos amigos! These past few weeks have been packed with more excitement and experiences. I have not yet mentioned that I am taking the U.S. Foreign Policy academic course at TWC, and I am really enjoying the class. Two of my classmates are friends of mine, and the instructor is great.


I must also say that living in The Flats apartments in the NoMa area has been an incredible experience. I did not think I would love living in the city as much as I do. I became accustomed to the lifestyle very quickly, and I have made some wonderful friends.


Okay, now let me breakdown the week and explain the fun things I did!


The Good

Tuesday, I went to a panel discussion hosted by the Middle East Institute on Increasing Women's Participation in Today's Middle East. It was very interesting and informative. I attended the event with my supervisor, just so that we could be more informed on the issues.


I am really glad that my supervisors allow me to venture with them to panels and discussion around the city. Use the link above to see the discussion in full!


The Interesting

All TWC students attended the Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series this week, and it turned out to be a very thought provoking forum on the election process. The speakers raised some interesting points, and encouraged us to become more politically engaged.

TWC students listening at the Simpson-Mineta Leader Series


Many students were lined up after the forum to ask their own questions. It was great to see so many students who were so passionate and involved politically. I enjoyed afternoon.


The Funny

I visited the Kennedy Center for the SECOND time this summer, and this time as a birthday present. My boyfriend and I received tickets to the Book of Mormon musical! It was hilarious to say the least.


The Opera House at the Kennedy Center, featuring The Book of Mormon musical


The musical, held in the Opera House, was the best part of the week, for sure. The Kennedy Center is a beautiful building.


That was my week, and I cannot believe how fast the summer is passing by. Thank you guys for reading!

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