Let's Get Down to Business!

Let's Get Down to Business!

Hello and welcome to Washington, D.C. everyone! I am so excited to live here this summer and be a part of TWC. My name is Kayla Wumer, and I am from the great land of Maryland. I am sure a lot of you other TWC residents had to travel much farther than I did. I am in the Media and Communications track, I am a rising senior (what?!?) and I am interning for the PLO Delegation!


My first order of business after arriving in the District (and checking in) was to buy some business clothes. I am came with almost nothing. If there is one thing I will address in this blog it is where to find nice clothes for a good deal, because that has been my big "mission: impossible" so far. However, I will start my weekly review by explaining the Good, the New, and the Extreme experiences I had.


The Good: Meeting New People

I think meeting my roommates and getting to know different people was my favorite part of my first week. Ahead of the monuments and museums, or even my internship on Monday, I felt like I got to meet some really cool people. My roommates are all amazing and I am really lucky to have been placed with them. One night, I went to an Ethiopian restaurant with some girlfriends and the food was amazing!


Dinner from Ethiopian Restaurant


I met a ton of other people and together we saw the Newseum, visited some good eateries, went to some yoga classes, and saw a lot of other cool things. The Kennedy Center was one of my favorite places! I saw a Palestinian comedy show with Amer Zahr. It was hilarious.



The New: D.C. Living

Living in D.C. is one thing, but living in NoMa is another. The housing they place TWC residents in is incredible. I have a pool, a patio with grills, and a gym. There is a free outdoor movie played for to the community every Wednesday, and I got to see Dirty Dancing for the first time! I live in the Flats at 130, next to the Harris Teeter, which is a wonderful thing because I plan to cook as many meals as I can this summer.



I walk EVERYWHERE, whether it is to shop at Union Station, to find my yoga class, or to sightsee. I do not think I am alone when I say that D.C. is better than what I expected it to be. I have so much fun every day after work, because there is just so much to do here.


The Extreme: Commuting to Work

Let me start off, I am no stranger to the Metro. Having said that, my commute is 45 minutes on a really good day, and more than an hour on a bad day. I must take the metro halfway, and the bus for the rest of the way. Trying to get to work on time was a struggle the first day or two, and then I became pretty accustomed to the route.


It has been a crazy experience, the Metro. You see so many different people there going about their busy lives. Every ride is different, with unexpected delays or a run to catch the train before it leaves. My commute can be exhausting sometimes, which is why I am jealous of the students who got internships near their apartments! But it has been a fun, interesting experience, regardless.


Thanks for reading and I'll see you again next week!

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