Week 3: Check!


This past week was probably the first week I can say I felt like I had a routine. Yes, it was my third week in D.C., but it seems as if everything has settled down for the time being. Things are going well at my internship and while I'm still exploring D.C. and enjoying everything the city has to offer, I no longer feel like a visitor. I have nearly mastered my scheduling in order to make it to my destinations on time, I know what I am supposed to do and where everything is at my internship, and I can almost remember everyone's names. But just because I've fallen into a routine of sorts does not mean I've run out of acronyms.



This week, as part of TWC's programming, I participated in the Simpson-Mineta Leader Series (SMLS). This event was made up of panelists including James Glassman, a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Christopher Shays, a Former Representative from Connecticut, and Steve Scully, a host and Senior Executive Producer at C-SPAN.


SMLS Panelists

SMLS Panelists Steve Scully, James Glassman, and Christopher Shays.


The theme of this leadership series was "Road to 2016: The Candidates, the Parties, the Issues & the Debates." In summary, the panelists discussed the idea of a third candidate running for president and the possible effects this would have on politics. They also took the time to answer questions from the audience. Overall, it was an interesting panel that really got me thinking.


After SMLS, I had the opportunity to attend another event called "Pathways to Employment: Service Year Opportunities." Part of the Civic Engagement: Political Engagement Series, this event was a way to learn more about civic engagement and how to get involved. The other interns and myself were able to hear from Mackenzie Moritz, the Associate Director for Strategic Partnerships for the Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute, Emily Marchese, a LEAD advisor at TWC, and Brian Bar, an Internship Advisor and Data Specialist at TWC.


Each panelist had participated in some kind of service year following their undergraduate education, ranging from the Peace Corps to Teach for America. In addition to sharing their experiences, all three panelists provided us with specific information regarding the program they personally participated in, such as application requirements and financial information, as well as information on how we can find a service program that suits our own personal interests. They also answered questions from the audience before closing by once again encouraging all of us to get involved in one way or another.


While I enjoy my weekly routine of working at my internship, attending my academic course and participating in TWC's programming, I prefer a little variety in my weekend plans.


Friday night, after the SMLS and Civic Engagement panels, I headed over to Eastern Market where I grabbed dinner with some friends at a Mediterranean restaurant, before seeing the play "Hamlet" at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. I had a really good time and play offered a different take on "Hamlet," which made it that much more entertaining. Had it not been for my friends, I would have never found out about this opportunity. So a piece of advice for all interns, ask around, see what your friends know or have planned, because you never know what you will get to experience.



Short for Merriweather Post Pavilion, MPP is an outdoor concert venue in Maryland that hosts a variety of musical talent. This past Saturday, Hozier performed with The Antlers as the opening act.


Hozier Concert Stage

Hozier Concert Stage.


Hozier Concert

Hozier performing at Merriweather Post Pavilion (MPP).


Two of the nice things about MPP are the different seating options available under the pavilion or out on the lawn and the ability to bring your own food. My friends and I packed a picnic to eat on the lawn during the show. However, despite the name, the weather was not very merry with severe thunderstorms and torrential rain, causing our picnic to be cut short as we were forced to seek shelter. While the weather might have ruined the evening for some people, after a short delay and a lot of rain and mud later, the show went on. Hozier even dedicated a song to those of us on the lawn who stood through the rain. Despite the weather, it was still a great time that makes a good story, but hopefully it won't rain next time.


Hozier performing "Take Me to Church" at MPP.



- Kailyn

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