If you've been keeping track, then you should have a good-sized list of acronyms by now. I know I do. This week I have two new acronyms to add to your list.



As part of The Washington Center's program, each intern has the opportunity to meet with a congressman, or woman, at some point during the summer and engage in a Public Policy Dialogue (PPD). This week was my chance when several other interns and I were scheduled to meet with Congressman Tim Murphy, who is from the 18th District of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, we never got the opportunity to meet Congressman Murphy himself as he was called away to vote on a bill at the same time as our scheduled meeting. Instead, the other interns and I heard from members of his staff and learned more about what they do and how the office functions. While it was disappointing not to be able to meet Congressman Murphy, it was still interesting to visit the office and hear from his staff.



After several weeks of alternate Friday activities, such as Career Boot Camp and the Simpson-Mineta Leader Series, LEAD and professional track programming resumed this Friday. After discussing globalization and cultural communication during my LEAD Colloquium, I visited Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in the afternoon with my Media & Communication professional track group. The speaker, T. Sean Herbert, is the producer of CBS News, as well as a TWC alum, who strongly believes that a good story is one that can be told without pictures. During the visit, Mr. Herbert, who has been with CBS since 1991, discussed what makes a good story and how to best convey that story to the public given the medium. Toward the end of the visit, Mr. Herbert took time to answer questions from those in attendance, which provided even more insight and valuable information. As a communications major who has spent time studying CBS, I enjoyed having the opportunity to visit CBS and hear from one of the producers. It was neat to experience something in person that I had only previously studied in a classroom. Mr. Herbert was also adamant about making sure we stayed in touch following our meeting, so this was also a great way to expand my professional network.


T. Sean Herbert, producer of CBS, with The Washington Center Interns



Third time's the charm. This weekend some friends and I went back to Merriweather Post Pavilion (MPP) for yet another concert. This time we saw Sam Smith and Jazmine Sullivan, who was the opening act. Fortunately for us, the weather was rather merry this time and we were finally able to enjoy our picnic on the lawn while listening to some great music.



- Kailyn

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